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White Sands Nat'l Park - Late afternoon sun tints the gypsum sands in pastel colors.
White Sands National Park – Late afternoon sun tints the gypsum sands in pastel colors. © Wiliam Horton

Formed in 1973, Rocky Mountain Outdoor Writers and Photographers, Inc., is an organization of professional and aspiring communicators, dedicated to sharing the outdoor experience. Through writing, photography, broadcast media, and artistic expression, members provide information about the recreational and natural resources found in the Rocky Mountain West. Become a part of our creative community.

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RMOWP 2021 Conference Set

Ready to trek across the sparkling white sands of White Sands National Park? Then mark your calendar for September 26-29 for RMOWP’s 47th conference in Alamogordo, New Mexico.


The Legend of Pavla Blanca

Courtesy National Park Service

To the Indians of central New Mexico, one of the most enduring legends is that of Pavla Blanca, the ghost of the Great White Sands. Hidden behind the swirling eddies of the spectral white dunes, her tragic story provides one of the most fascinating tales of the Southwest.


A Look at the Evil Empire

By David Staat

I am not a big social media guy. As a matter of fact, I avoided getting involved for years because of all the negative comments I heard from friends, family, and the media. Last year, however, I decided to experience social media so I could understand the technology pros and cons and could make an informed decision as to whether there was any value in it for me.