Corporate friends

RMOWP welcomes support from businesses and organizations with an interest in the outdoor experience and the communication of the enjoyment of that experience. Contact us if you are interested in becoming a valued friend of RMOWP.

We are pleased to recommend the following preferred partners in the pursuit of enjoyment in the great outdoors:


LensPen_smallKeeping your lenses and other optics clean when out and about is essential for clarity. This Canadian company has the answer with their five LensPen models. Also available are cleaners for touch screens and DSLR sensors. For more information, click:

PahaQue Wilderness

RMOWP’s newest corporate friend, PahaQue Wilderness, was formed in 1997 with one goal – to develop a better tent for family and car campers. Since that time, PahaQue has lead the industry with innovative design, quality and performance.

Many of the tent design features that they pioneered have become standard on family camping tents across the outdoor industry, and the company remains committed to developing tent designs that set the bar for quality and performance.

Any tent performs well in fair weather, but PahaQue’s award winning tents, shelters, and hammocks provide the performance and peace of mind that makes your outdoor experience the best it can be, whether in your backyard or in the back country, far from civilization.

For information on PahaQue Wilderness products, see