Rules and eligibility

We look forward to members sharing their art, photography, and writing through our annual competition. Submissions lead to recognition of your talents. Your submissions will also provide professional growth and enhancement for everyone in RMOWP.


You must be a member of RMOWP to enter this contest and you can join RMOWP when you enter. The entry fee is $10.00. Submitted work will be displayed at the annual conference, and awards will be presented at the conference banquet.


The judges will award first, second and third place for each category and the winners will receive certificates. A Best of Show award of $50.00 will be chosen for photography and for the writing categories of published articles and unpublished written works.

The judges will also give discretionary honorable mention awards.

Fill out the entry form and include a paper copy with your submission. Type or print the information clearly. Use as many pages as necessary. The entry form will be available for downloading from the website.

Submit digital images for categories 01 through 13 and 40. These images can be from a digital camera or they can be scanned from film. They should be submitted on a CD or DVD that can be read on a PC. Do not attach tape, stickers or labels to the CD or DVD. Do not submit slides,

The image size should be six inches on the longest side at 300 ppi in high-resolution jpg format. (If you do not have the software to resize the image, submit the file as produced by your camera and note this on the entry form.)

The file name of each digital image should be the 2-digit category number underscore photographer’s first name underscore photographer’s last name underscore image
title. (Example: 04_ Ron_Smith_ Elk Bugling at the Moon.jpg)

Judged entries can be picked up at the awards banquet, or provide postage for return mailing.

If you have questions, please call or email Awards Committee Co-Chairs, Frank Zurey, 303-642-7566, or Richard Holmes, 303-494-7183, .

Photography competition

General rules

  • You may enter up to three images each in Categories 01 through 12.
  • You may enter up to two images in the Member’s Choice category.
  • All photographs entered must have been produced or published since January 1, 2012, except for Member’s Choice and photographs published in books.
  • There are no time frame limits for Member’s Choice photographs.
  • Images published in books must have been published since January 1, 2011.
  • Images that have received an award in a past RMOWP contest may not be entered in any category of this contest.
  • Images can only be entered in one category. If an image qualifies for more than one category, you must choose only one category for the image.
  • Images may be taken anywhere in the world.
  • Members are on their honor to not alter or manipulate the images submitted (except categories 09 and 13). Removal or insertion of features is not allowed. However, a stitched panorama or an HDR-processed image is not considered manipulated. Use of a digital darkroom for either film or digital images is considered the equivalent to developing, dodging and burning, color correction and the use of filters with film and is not considered manipulation. Removal of dust spots or scratches is not considered manipulation.


01. Images from Last Conference – These images must have been shot as an attendee of the most recent annual conference. Photos may be of organized events or by individual initiative at the site of the conference and its workshops and field trips. Anything shot from the opening day or preconference activity through the closing day is eligible.
02. Scenics – Images in this category showcase the natural world in which the center of attention is not just flora, fauna, people, or man-made structures, although
these subjects may be included as part of the larger scene. Scenics may include, for example, broad landscapes, such as waterfalls, streams, and rock formations.
03. Flora – Flowers, trees, leaves, cactus, and other plants should be featured in images in this category. The flora can be part of a larger scene, but should clearly be the center of attention in the picture.
04. Fauna – Images in this category should feature a member or members of the animal kingdom; mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, insects, or any living creature except humans. Images can include a single subject or group of subjects.The fauna can be part of a larger scene, but should clearly be the center of attention in the picture.
05. People in Nature – Images must depicts a single person or a group in a natural setting.
06. Historical – Images in this category should depict scenes and/or structures that have historical interest, such as old mines, ghost towns, ancient Indian dwellings, old forts, churches or similar historical sites.
07. Cultural – Images in this category should highlight social gatherings, such as outdoor festivals, dances, and parades. Examples would be Cinco de Mayo, Chinese New Year parade, ethnic dance recitals or performances.
08. Events – Images in this category should depict natural happenings, such as forest fires, storms, floods, etc.
09. Altered/Composite – This is the category for altered images created by adding or deleting components, combining images, or performing other manipulations not considered part of normal dark room processing.
10. Black and white images – Subjects for images in this category must come from categories 01 through 08.
11. Novice images – This category is open to members who have not won a first place in any RMOWP photo category, other than Novice, in the past competitions and consider themselves to be entry-level photographers. Enter only images that fall into categories 01 through 08. Getting a first place award in the novice category does not disqualify you from continuing to enter images in the Novice category. We would like to see novice photographers continue to enter this category until they are competitive in the other categories.
12. Published Images – Subjects for this category may include anything qualifying for categories 01 through 10. Images must have been published since January 1, 2012 (except books that must have been produced since January 1, 2011). Photographs may be entered that were published in newspapers, books, magazines, calendars, postcards, posters, newsletters, eBooks, eMagazines, etc., or were published as part of an individual’s employment or volunteer effort. If several photographs are published in a publication, only one photograph
from the publication is to be submitted for competition. The publication or a PDF of the publication must be submitted with the entry in this category. If a PDF or printout of an ePublication is not available, include the internet location that the ePublication can
be found. Submit a digital file of your image. You do not have to submit two copies of a book, magazine or paper if you enter both a photograph and a written work from the same publication.
13. Members’ Choice Prints – Members may submit up to two matted prints that are in black and white or color. Each entry is to be designated as Scenic, Flora or Fauna. Altered/composite images are eligible. Print size is a maximum of 8 x 12 inches that is matted with a final size not to exceed 12 x 16 inches. The entries should not be framed. These entries will be displayed at the conference. Members will judge entries at the conference. Entries may be brought to the conference or may be submitted along with your other entries. Place your name, title of photo, and designate “Members’ Choice” on the back of each submission. Submit a digital file of your entry either with your contest entry, at the conference or by email to You might consider contributing your entry to the annual scholarship auction. There is not a time frame limit for having taken the photograph for Member’s Choice.

Writing competition

General rules

  • Entries must be about outdoor topics such as scenic areas, travel, history, wildlife, natural resource management, regulations, legislation or environmental issues.
  • There is no time limit for the publication date; however, a written work may not have been entered in a previous RMOWP contest.
  • If an individual has more than one written work in a publication, individual articles from that publication can each be submitted for competition. Record the title, publication and publication date on the entry form. Submit the publication, a copy or a printout of the article. For Internet publications, provide the website where the article can be viewed.


23. Published RMOWP Conference Publicity – Published article about the 2012 conference in Taos, NM or the 2013 confrence in Fruita, CO.  Awards will be given for the best published works, including articles, photographs, or illustrations that are directly related to the conference or the host site. Judges will consider the quality of the work and its publicity value to the host site. The entire package will be considered for purposes of the competition for written works that include the author’s photographs or illustrations.
24. Newspaper, Magazine – Entries can be articles, columns, or editorials.
26. Newsletter Writing and Web Writing
28. Unpublished Written Works – If the unpublished work is a book, submit one chapter. An unpublished written work may be entered in only one RMOWP contest.
30. Video – Entries must have been available for sale, shown on television, shown in movie theaters, or used for special programs and presentations.
31. Books – Entries can be an entire book or a portion of a book, such as a chapter.

Two- and three-dimensional art

Pieces entered in this category matter must depict an outdoor theme. All media is eligible, such as painting, mixed media, prints, and sculpture are eligible

Submit digital images of your art. Although not mandatory, please bring the work to the conference so others may enjoy your talent. You might consider contributing your art to the annual scholarship auction.

Send all entries to:
Frank Zurey
31901 Warrens Road
Golden, Colorado 80403
Enclose $10.00 to cover all entries (checks payable to RMOWP)
Deadline – Postmarked Monday, February 11, 2013