Membership requirements & levels

photographing Rocky Mountain National Park
Instructor Tom Ulrich working with a photo workshop participant in Rocky Mountain National Park

Joining RMOWP is the first step in expanding your writing horizons, exploring new artistic mediums, and pushing your photography skills.


I believe that the profession of outdoor reporting is a trust to be maintained through the dissemination of information in words and illustrations in a dedicated, accurate and impartial manner. Financial considerations will not influence my judgment or responsibility in the pursuit of facts to be honestly presented.

Sunset at White Sands National Park © 2009 William Horton

Membership levels

Membership is based on the calendar year January 1st through December 31st. If you join after October 1st, your membership will extend through the following year.


Individual members are people who possess serious interest in communicating the outdoor experience. The outdoor communication may take the form of, but is not necessarily limited to: writing, photography, broadcast media, painting, illustrating, editing, publishing, teaching, and guiding.

Individual members shall have full voting rights in all the business of the corporation. Annual dues are $60 for one person, and $50 for a second applicant at the same address. Please fill out a second application so we have complete information for each member for our membership directory.


Shall be full-time students regardless of age, with interest in outdoor communications. Annual dues are $15.

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