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Members of RMOWP are scattered across the continent, come from all walks of life, and represent all levels of expertise. Some have been writers and/or photographers for most of their professional lives, some are exploring new venues of expression, and still others are just learning how to transfer their love of the outdoors into digital images or electronic prose.

This area contains information for those interested in learning more about our membership, as well as links to data exclusive to our members.

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Belak, Ron

Ron Belak has been a freelance writer and photographer for 30 years, mostly for Colorado Outdoors magazine. He has published about 90 magazine articles, primarily on fly fishing but also on backpacking, outdoor ethics, cross-country skiing, birding and geology. In 2018, Ron published his first book Fly Fishing Colorado’s Backcountry. He followed up with his second book–The Fishing Guide to 800 High Lakes in Colorado–in 2019. Clicking here will take you to his printer, BookBaby, where you can order his books.

Bernskoetter, Dan

Dan Logo

A freelance photographer, Dan has had images published in several magazines, teaches photography courses, and provides training in Adobe Lightroom. Dan is also a volunteer naturalist at the Runge Nature Center in Jefferson City, MO, and is active in Lions Club International.

Fields, William

the face of the desert
Shannon, the face of the desert… © William Fields

Bill Fields is a freelance photographer from Hermann, Missouri. In addition to photo workshops and field trips, he has published two books, Herman Missouri — One of the Prettiest Towns in America and The Four Directions, A Southwestern  Journey. Both are available on his website. The Four Directions is offered as a small, limited-edition. Bill is currently working on two additional books, one on the Santa Fe Trail and the other about a Tennessee distillery. Bill shoots in infrared, processing in sepia and black and white to highlight the stark beauty of the southwestern landscape and its people. To see Bill’s work, visit his website,  www.williamfieldsartphoto.com (or click the photo).

Gaug, Maryann

Best Hikes Breckenridge & Vail

Author of numerous Falcon guides, Maryann has explored the Colorado Rockies extensively. See some of her books at www.amazon.com then search on Maryann Gaug.

Horton, Katherine & William

William Horton PhotographyFor money, William Horton Photography photographs new buildings and old cars. For fun, we take photos of nature–and anything else that strikes our fancy. Visit us at williamhortonphotography.comarchitecture.horton.com, or cars.horton.com.

Huggins, Janis Lindsey

An editor, self-published author, and retired photographer and lecturer, Janis has also been a naturalist guide for Aspen Center for Environmental Studies and a field botanist at Colorado State University in the Colorado Natural Heritage Program. Visit her website www.highcountrywild.com to learn more.

Murphy, Mary Alice

Grant County BeatMary Alice Murphy is owner/editor/main reporter and sometime photographer for The Grant County Beat, a Grant County, New Mexico-based news website. It offers mostly local news with releases from around the state, plus a comprehensive calendar of events and just about everything you’d expect of a local newspaper.

Perry, Al

Al Perry logoAl Perry became interested in nature photography about 15 years ago. He recently took up cinematography, specializing in slow motion. Representative images for Al Perry are best viewed on his Facebook page.

Thornton, John

3rd-04_John_Thornton_Gray Hairstreak

To see what John has been up to photographically, look over his slide shows. They are available on YouTube.

Left: Gray Hairstreak by John Thornton, 3rd place, Fauna category, RMOWP 2013 Photography Contest.

Mental health is just as vital as physical health, and over the past few decades, there’s been a push to eliminate the stigma surrounding it. The Life Psychiatric approach is a testament to this change, focusing on personal narratives and experiences, believing that every individual has a unique story that needs to be heard and understood. Life psychiatric

Balancing daily stressors, past traumas, and future anxieties can be a challenge for many. With the introduction of Life Psychiatric methodologies, there’s hope for a more nuanced and personalized way of addressing mental health issues, ensuring that every person feels validated, understood, and cared for in their therapeutic journey.

Travis, Cecilia

Accessible NatureRecently Cecilia Travis became interested in where people with reduced mobility can explore the great outdoors, and has a website to disseminate that information.