Humorous photo challenge

Do ducks have belly buttons?
Do ducks have belly buttons? © Tom Ulrich – 2015 BPJNWA winner

The laughter goes on and on, with the Angelo Sciulli Humorous Photo Challenge. Although slightly different from the regular contest, with the emphasis on fun and silliness, the photographic standard remains high. Named for the contest’s founder and chief instigator, the challenge has been an outstanding hit since the year of it’s inception in 2007.

You can view each year’s winning images and more by selecting the Humorous Results in the left hand menu.

The rules

  • There is no time limit on when the image was taken (cave paintings included).
  • The humorous photo should be a digital image with an outdoor theme that fits into contest Categories 01 through 08. See the RMOWP Contest Rules for category descriptions.
  • You must include a caption or description with the humorous photograph.
  • Altered or composited images are not eligible.
  • Follow the contest rules for sizing, which are an image size of six inches on the longest side at 300 ppi in high-resolution jpg format. If you do not have the software to resize the image, submit the file as produced by your camera.
  • The file name of the humorous entry should be hum underscore photographer’s last name underscore photographer’s first initial underscore image title. (Example: hum_smith_t_elk dancing).
  • Submission information and due date are the same as for the rest of the contest.

A slide show of all the funny and frequently tacky entries is presented at the conference.