A Generous Helping

By Kent Taylor

“You must have certain noble areas of the world left in as close-to-primal condition as possible. You must have quietness and a certain amount of solitude. You must be able to touch the living rock, drink the pure waters, scan the great vistas, sleep under the stars and awaken to the cool wind. Such experiences are the heritage of all people.”  – Ansel Adams, American Photographer Continue reading A Generous Helping

The Magical Time

Article and photo by Kent Taylor © 2016

spring tulips
Spring’s Razzle-Dazzle

It’s always a bit magical: spring’s return. No matter how many times I’ve witnessed the tulips, the fruit blossoms, or the bluebonnets erupt from winter’s sleep, watched the birds return to build their nests, or noticed a tiny neon shoot, pushing up and through, it’s still magical when it happens. Continue reading The Magical Time

Gifts and Graces

Article & photo by Kent Taylor

Sometime during the night, the snow began to fall and, by morning, it showed no signs of letting up. Looking out across the yard through groggy eyes, I remember feeling the same swirl of excitement I felt as a little kid growing up in southern Illinois. Snow day! Time to find the boots, the gloves, the sock hat; time to get out there and look around; time to play. Continue reading Gifts and Graces