Old Jeeps and Hearts of Gold

Article by, & photos courtesy of Myra Wood Bennett

There is an old saying that your “there” is no better than your “here.” It is a belief held by those whose main requirement in life is to live within a short distance of the nearest big box store. For others, it is a place that speaks to mind, body and soul. For me, it is the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. Continue reading Old Jeeps and Hearts of Gold

The Comfort Zone

(Editor’s note: This is the second in a series of articles presented at the Writers Forum during RMOWP’s 2015 conference.)

Article & photos by Maryann Gaug © 2016

Driving along the San Miguel River in southwest Colorado, I realize how comfortable I am here. Canyon walls tower above me, layer upon layer of silt, mudstone, and the occasional layer of rounded rocks where a stream once flowed. The red and brown walls formed over eons, remnants of the ancestral Rocky Mountains. I pull off the road and eat lunch in the shade of a cluster of cottonwood trees.  Not many vehicles pass by … a road on the edge of nowhere. Continue reading The Comfort Zone

Family & the Great Outdoors by Wayne Turner – a book review

by Maryann Gaug © 2016

In Family & The Great Outdoors, through four sections of short stories, Wayne Turner takes you on a 70-plus-year journey of his life spent hunting, fishing, and discovering himself.

Turner book front coverAs a young child, his father taught him outdoor skills, including hunting and fishing, near Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. The joy of the hunt included not only learning the ways of the game, but also bonding with his father, hunting dogs, and hunting partners. His stories bring to life the history and culture of a rural community in the 1950s. Continue reading Family & the Great Outdoors by Wayne Turner – a book review