2022 Photography Contest Results

Best of Show – Maryann Gaug

Red Columbine
“Red Columbine & Twisted Stalk” © Maryann Gaug – winner of 2022 Best of Show Photography

“Red Columbine & Twisted Stalk” © Maryann Gaug
1st place Flora category

The Best of Show image was very difficult to choose this year. There were so many really fine photographs submitted. The final image was chosen for its wonderful composition and its portrayal of the small wonders of the alpine environment. The red Columbine is an iconic species and the image of it entwined with the edible wild vine is a great example of found photography in the field. – Fred Lord, photo judge

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2021 Photography Contest Results

Best of Show: Steve Cochrane

Bear stare down
“Hibernation Stare Down” © Steve Cochrane ~ Winner of 2021 Best of Show Photography

“Hibernation Staredown” © Steve Cochrane
1st Place Fauna.
Looking directly into the eyes of a large Brown Bear is an extremely rare occurrence. Capturing a photograph while doing so is an even more unlikely event. The snow and the surrounding ambience adds considerable gravity to the wonderful feeling of viewing this image. The viewer can only imagine the circumstances surrounding the situation portrayed in this photo. It makes for a compelling experience and an even more compelling photograph.” ~ Judge Fred Lord

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2020 Photography Contest Results

Best of Show: Frank Zurey

Bison mom helps calf swim the Yellowstone River

“Mom Helping Calf Swim the Yellowstone River”
© Frank Zurey
1st Place Published Images.
“The image of the swimming American Bison pair conveys the essential nature of wildlife. The younger animal is being carefully escorted through the water by an older animal, probably its mother. This depiction of maternal care brings home the interior feelings of the animals through a wonderfully captured photograph of the scene.” ~ Judge Fred Lord

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2019 Photography Contest Results

humpback whale breaching, Alaska

Best of Show – Frank Zurey “Humpback Breaching” Fauna Category. Judge Fred Lord commented: “This is one of those iconic images many of us dream of. The award is given in honor of the persistence, luck and preparation that are necessary to capture such a photograph.”

Sixteen RMOWP members submitted photo and video entries, down from an average of 25 for the past five years, but the quality remained high.

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2018 Photo Awards

Return to Freedom © L. Ford

Best of Show Photography – Laurie Ford “Return to Freedom” Scenics Category

A little more than 500 still photos and videos were submitted for RMOWP’s 2018 contest, according to contest chair Frank Zurey. He said these came from 26 RMOWP members. The winners were announced at the closing banquet of this year’s conference in Alamosa, Colorado, along with a presentation of the images. See the gallery of winners at the bottom of this page.

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2017 Photo Awards

Best of Show, John Hanou

Best of Show – John Hanou – “Fiery Sunset”

The number of entries and items entered in this year’s contest increased by about 25 percent over the last few years. Thirty-two members submitted 502 images in this year’s contest, almost 100 more than last year. Winners were announced at the conference closing banquet in Sierra Vista, with a presentation of the images.

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