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The Image Behind the Story

Article and photo by Al Perry

A few years ago, a magazine interviewed me about my photographic pursuits. We discussed my beginning in photography and evolution into nature photography.

While in the U. S. Army during the late 1960s, I interned with a commercial photographer working in the color lab and studio in addition to assisting with wedding photography.
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Ice Caves

Article and photos by Al Perry

icy sunset on Lake Superior

Sunset on Lake Superior from inside ice cave

Sometimes it pays to act on impulse. In February of this year I was anxious to get back to nature photography after three weeks photographing three granddaughters under two years of age. With good timing, my wife called me in to view an NBC News clip about ice caves on Lake Superior. Little did she know I was about to go on another winter photo trip. Antarctica doesn’t count because that was December of last year.
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Digital Photography Workflow

Article and photo by Al Perry

Fall Color in Alaska, before and after adjustments in Adobe Bridge.

Fall Color in Alaska, before and after adjustments in Adobe Bridge.

One of the most frequently asked questions in digital photography relates to workflow. There are probably as many workflows in digital photography as shooting styles. I have a disciplined approach starting with raw image capture and finishing with secure backup of selected images. Because quality counts, I never shoot jpegs. Continue reading

Not What You Might Think

Article and photo by Al Perry

Black-chinned hummingbird - West Texas, August 2013

Black-chinned hummingbird – West Texas, August 2013

It might appear to many that the photo of a hummingbird feeding on flower shown below was photographed with a fast shutter speed on a sunny day. How else could you stop the motion of wings of a 3 inch sized bird that is flapping its wings 75 times each second? Also, it appears a wide open aperture was used to create the out of focus back – ground. Keep reading. Continue reading

Still Photos from Movies

Article & photo by Al Perry

Bumble Bee in FlightHave you ever thought about making still photos with a movie camera? Now you can.

A movie is simply a series of still photos shot at a relatively high frame rate of say 24, 30 or more frames per second. You may have already created the illusion of motion with a still camera by taking a series of still photos and showing them at say, 24 frames per second—often referred to as time lapse photography. Your brain interprets the rapid showing of still photos as motion. Continue reading