Gifts and Graces

Article & photo by Kent Taylor

Sometime during the night, the snow began to fall and, by morning, it showed no signs of letting up. Looking out across the yard through groggy eyes, I remember feeling the same swirl of excitement I felt as a little kid growing up in southern Illinois. Snow day! Time to find the boots, the gloves, the sock hat; time to get out there and look around; time to play. Continue reading Gifts and Graces

The Image Behind the Story

Article and photo by Al Perry

A few years ago, a magazine interviewed me about my photographic pursuits. We discussed my beginning in photography and evolution into nature photography.

While in the U. S. Army during the late 1960s, I interned with a commercial photographer working in the color lab and studio in addition to assisting with wedding photography.
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Ice Caves

Article and photos by Al Perry

icy sunset on Lake Superior
Sunset on Lake Superior from inside ice cave

Sometimes it pays to act on impulse. In February of this year I was anxious to get back to nature photography after three weeks photographing three granddaughters under two years of age. With good timing, my wife called me in to view an NBC News clip about ice caves on Lake Superior. Little did she know I was about to go on another winter photo trip. Antarctica doesn’t count because that was December of last year.
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