RMOWP Early Conferences, Part IV

Article & photos by Jack Olson

train ride to Silverton
Lunch Break in Silverton (Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad)

Back down to the Four Corners area for our 13th annual conference held in the historic town of Durango, Colorado in 1986. We had two 4-star events at this conference. We piled onto the Durango & Silverton narrow gauge railroad for the round trip to Silverton and back. Continue reading RMOWP Early Conferences, Part IV

Bryce Canyon National Park 2000 Revisited

Article & photos by Jack Olson

Bryce Canyon Navajo Loop Tr.
At the bottom of the canyon on Navajo Loop Trail

In June 2000 RMOWP congregated at Bryce Canyon for an annual conference which we planned some years before. We wanted to choose a location which would be spectacular, and memorable, for this auspicious year. For those of us oldtimers who attended that one it turned out to be one of the most exciting conferences in our history. Let’s return to that conference to show you a bit of what you can expect at the 2016 conference. Continue reading Bryce Canyon National Park 2000 Revisited

Passing the Torch

article & photos by Jack Olson


wind effects near Dutch windmill
Melinda (L) & Amy (R) experiencing wind effects in Holland

What is even better than returning to a place you love? Returning with your wonderful, extraordinary, fun nieces. We did it, we really did it. In 1988 I traveled to Europe with Amy (age 21) and Melinda (age 18). Amy had one more year in college to finish; Melinda had just graduated from high school and was moving on to college. It was a perfect time to undertake our “trip of a lifetime”. I think we all know there are many trips of a lifetime, but this was their first one. Continue reading Passing the Torch

Valle Vidal ~ Graveyard of a Fascinating Culture

by Jack Olson

ruin in Valle Vidal
Door to… a ruin in Valle Vidal © Jack Olson

Back in 1989, Don and Barb Laine, along with the late Augie Schmuhl of Santa Fe, hosted a RMOWP conference in Red River, New Mexico. Among our many activities was a bus field trip to a relatively new addition to the Carson National Forest. Valle Vidal (The Valley of Life), unoccupied for decades, Continue reading Valle Vidal ~ Graveyard of a Fascinating Culture


Article & photos by Jack Olson

Sometimes a feisty creature, out of sorts, requires a more amenable habitat. It may no longer fit the environs where it has so long existed. Sometimes this otherwise noble creature needs a change of scenery. Official guardians of the peace might be forced to employ traps. In extreme cases, the innocent mammal is, as they say in the wildlife department, “put down”. Taken out. Kaput. Eradicated. On the wrong side of the flower bed.
Continue reading Relocation