Member Bill Fields Announces New Book

Freelance photographer William Fields, from Hermann, Missouri, has published a new book, The Four Directions, A Southwestern Journey. Offered as a small, signed and numbered limited-edition, it contains images from the Four Corners states: Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. Bill tells us that he shoots in infrared and processes in sepia and black and white, to highlight the stark beauty of the southwestern landscape and its people.

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The Unwelcome Guest

Text & photo by Maryann Gaug

young gopher snake invades van camper
A young gopher snake invaded my van camper!

Arriving at Wheeler Peak campground in Great Basin National Park, I found the perfect campsite for Rover, my camper van, for 4 nights. I leveled Rover, got settled, and paid the campground fee. Then I opened the door to the bathroom and there was the snake. ACK!! A SNAKE!! ACK!! A small one, about 2 feet long, yellowish with a black pattern, with oblong head – at least it wasn’t a pit viper (venomous). Maybe a small bull snake or large garter snake. It wriggled on the floor trying to crawl up the wall. Heck, I was at 9,880 feet! I had no idea of how it got in the bathroom. I was so shaken that I didn’t even take a picture. I decided to find someone to help me (I figured I needed at least 4 hands and 2 heads). 

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Member Ken Papaleo Dies

Ken Papleo giving a presentation during RMOWP’s conference in Ouray, CO. © Diane McKinley

Award-winning photojournalist Ken Papaleo of Evergreen, Colorado, died last month of cancer at the age of 73. A member of RMOWP since 2009, Papaleo was a photographer for the Rocky Mountain News in Denver for 28 years, helping the newspaper win two Pulitzer prizes for photojournalism.

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Free App for Firearms Enthusiasts

Gunsmithing expert Fred Zeglin, longtime RMOWP member from Montana, has announced the release of the free GaugeGuide app. He tells RMOWP, “This is the very first, and at this time the only app available to help folks know which headspace gauges will work for any given cartridge. There are many gauges that interchange or cross-over from one cartridge to another to safely measure or establish headspace in a gun.”

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One-and-one-half day Photo Workshop Announced

Take Control of Your Photography
From conception through post-processing

When: October 4-5, 2020 – just prior to conference
Where: Alamogordo, NM
Member Rate: $250 including lunch both days

Take Control of Your Photography is a 1 1/2 day workshop that will make you a better photographer: more proficient, more artistic, and more confident.

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Gardening & Grooming

The Difference

Text and photos by Jack Olson

A little while ago I was asked about the control of depth of field for photography in a field of columbine and I explained in a newsletter article. Now I want to get into a discussion conerning Gardening and Grooming. I used to talk about gardening, and if it was ever acceptible. Some of our photographers may disagree in this but, for now, I hold the stage.

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2020 Conference Set

Mark your calendars for the 2020 conference of Rocky Mountain Outdoor Writers and Photographers – October 5 to 8 – headquartering in Alamogordo, New Mexico. That’s Sunday through Thursday night.

Soaptree Yucca along a dune ridge at White Sands National Monument.
© William Horton

Why Alamogordo? Mainly because it’s the closest place to some of the most scenic and fascinating destinations in southern New Mexico.

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