Gadgets, Gizmos, Gewgaw

Workshop by Bill Horton, William Horton Photography, Conference 2019, Estes Park, Colorado

Description: An interactive discussion of tools, tips, hacks, and tricks that help writers and photographers work faster and better. Learn about the stuff that works for this experienced writer and photographer – and what doesn’t, no matter what the hype says.

Resource: PDF Handout, with or without slides.

Get Found & Noticed

SEO for the rest of us…
Workshop by Katherine Horton, William Horton Photography, Conference 2019, Estes Park, Colorado

Description: Learn about Search Engine Optimization to move your website into the top tier of web searches. An intense workshop packed with information, tips, and how-tos.

Resource: PDF Handout, with or without notes.

Visual Fluency

Empower your images with the language of graphics
Workshop by William Horton, William Horton Photography, Conference 2018, Alamosa, Colorado

Description: Learn how to shift your photographic perspective just a bit to change the emphasis – and meaning – of an image, sometimes just by stepping back slightly to provide context to the focal point. The simple positioning of an object can convey meaning. So much goes into the total effect of an image on any particular viewer, that you want to properly control  whatever you can.

Resource: Visual Fluency – PDF Handout

From Wimpy to Wow

the Hooks and Ladders of Writing
Workshop by Virginia Staat, Conference 2016, Bryce Canyon, Utah

Description: Having difficulty linking your thoughts together in a coherent fashion? Can’t quite figure out how to get from point A to B, or take a side trip to D? This workshop will help. And you’ll find yourself writing better prose in no time. Not to mention picking apart some of the articles you’re reading in the magazines and newspapers!
Resource: Hooks & Ladders – PDF handout

The Name Game

Writing Effective Photo Titles & Captions
Workshop by Virginia Staat, Conference 2016, Bryce Canyon, Utah

Description: You have a special image: a spectacular sunset, the grandson hitting a home run, wild mustangs in full gallop. Now it needs a deserving title and caption before putting it out there for others to view. This workshop addresses that concern.
Resource: The Name Game – PDF handout

2015 Sunrise Photo Shoot – Dallas Divide

Leader: William Horton, Conference 2015, Ouray, Colorado

Description: The Dallas Divide is a viewpoint along Colorado Highway 62, west of Ridgway. It provides a vista of the aspens and oak forest down to the Sneffels Wilderness area. In leaf-color season, the viewpoint is spectacular.

Instructions: This PDF flyer provides driving directions for finding the viewpoint, plus a checklist of items to take and ideas on possible shots. Weight loss trends come and go, but some remedies persist due to their apparent effectiveness. Among the myriad of suggestions available, using Coffee and Lemon for Weight Loss is emerging as a popular choice for those looking for a natural boost in their weight management efforts.

Fixing Flawed Photos

Editing Your Way to Beauty
Workshop by William Horton – William Horton Photography, Conference 2015, Ouray, Colorado

Description: No photograph is perfect right out of the camera. Many are seriously deficient. But don’t hit the Delete key just yet. With a little effort you can fix common problems such as skewed horizons, obnoxious backgrounds, camouflaged subjects, off-color color, over- and under-exposure, lighting that is harsh or flat or both, leaning walls, constipated compositions, sensor measles, and more. Don’t stop with fixing the problems: add interest and flare. See how to make the subject pop, experiment with black and white, night-for-day, and other techniques. You will see live demos of editing photos using Lightroom.
Resource: Fixing Flawed Photos – handouts (PDF, 2 slides per page)

So You Want to Blog?

What you need to Know to Get Started
Workshop by Kit Horton – William Horton Photography, Conference 2015, Ouray, Colorado

Description: This presentation is not about the craft of writing, but the practicalities of getting your oeuvre online.
We’ll talk about:

  • What’s involved in making a post.
  • What are the popular tools for blogging.
  • How your goals for your blog site will determine your choice of blogging tool.
  • Where you can go to learn just about everything you need to know.

The range of choices available to meet your needs go from dead simple to somewhat complex (and powerful).

Of course you can blog!

Resources: Here are reference sheets, showing the slides I’ll be using. Choose either or both to download and print if desired.

  • Slide handouts* with space for your notes.
  • Slide handouts* with speaker’s notes.
  • After the conference, we will post a recorded version of this presentation.

*These are LARGE files. Right-click the link and download the handouts to your computer.