Help RMOWP Grow

By Virginia Parker Staat

What a wonderful conference we had in Golden! It was great to see so many familiar faces and spend time together. We have noticed, however, a discouraging trend. Our RMOWP membership numbers are falling, mostly due to change-of-life issues. During our General Membership meeting, we discussed a variety of ways to reach out to potential new members, including recruiting local photography and writing clubs, schools, and those we meet while exploring our respective crafts. 

But why should someone join RMOWP? I believe our greatest connection point is our commitment to conserving the outdoors and sharing it with others. Our annual conferences offer the opportunity to foster new friendships, share interests, and to gain appreciation for other crafts. We learn from each other by sharing talents, techniques, and styles. Our conferences take us to amazing places and offer the opportunity to view those places through the eyes of other members. These conferences also offer a venue for us to share our year’s best work and to learn something new through workshops and field trips. 

The bi-monthly newsletter keeps us connected with a variety of updates, opportunities, and education. Our RMOWP website pulls all these benefits together to become a launching point for us to stay connected throughout the year.

The next time you meet someone while photographing grand vistas or wildlife, why not strike up a conversation about RMOWP? When you attend a writers conference or storytelling event or notice someone scribbling notes at a picnic table, why not ask if they are interested in outdoor writing? They could become a new friend and a new member of this great organization. That’s a win-win for all of us.