2022 Photography Contest Results

Best of Show – Maryann Gaug

Red Columbine
“Red Columbine & Twisted Stalk” © Maryann Gaug – winner of 2022 Best of Show Photography

“Red Columbine & Twisted Stalk” © Maryann Gaug
1st place Flora category

The Best of Show image was very difficult to choose this year. There were so many really fine photographs submitted. The final image was chosen for its wonderful composition and its portrayal of the small wonders of the alpine environment. The red Columbine is an iconic species and the image of it entwined with the edible wild vine is a great example of found photography in the field. – Fred Lord, photo judge

Photography Judge:

Fred Lord is a long-time resident of Colorado. From the age of twelve he developed an early love of photography, mostly of landscapes and nature, packing along a 35mm rangefinder camera during parts of his youth. Now retired, Fred is still looking for that perfect, scenic, wildlife,  and/or nature photograph.

Winning Images:

01 Image from Last Conference
Frank Zurey – Sunset at White Sands
2nd David Staat – Snow Sand
3rd June Wolfe – White Sands at Dusk
HM Ron Belak – Double Rainbow for Frank
HM Maryann Gaug – Afternoon Sky White Sands

02 Scenics
Frank Zurey – White Sands Dunes
2nd Frank Zurey – Denali in the Sun
3rd Peter Kummerfeldt – White Sands Sunset
HM Maryann Gaug – Mulesears, Acorn Creek
HM June Wolfe – White Sands Under Clouds

03 Flora
Maryann Gaug – Red Columbine & Twisted Stalk
2nd Frank Zurey – Hairbells
3rd Frank Zurey – Indian Paint Brush
HM Peter Kummerfeldt – Splash of Red
HM Judy Lehmkuhl – Lily
HM Virginia Staat – Imperial Iris

04 Fauna
Frank Zurey – Black Bear in the Rocks
2nd Virginia Staat – Eat My Dust
3rd Peter Kummerfeldt – If I Told You Once…
HM Ron Belak – Socking It Away for Winter
HM Ron Belak – The Dipper Makes an Icy Catch
HM Deanna Harrington – Young Bobcat
HM Deanna Harrington – Whale Tail

05 People in Nature
Frank Zurey – Hiking White Sands
2nd Ron Belak – Enjoying Sunset at White Sands
3rd Judy Lehmkuhl – Kayak Class
HM Judy Lehmkuhl – Ida at Sunset
HM June Wolfe – A Whale of a Catch
HM Richard Youngblood – Gooseberry Mesa Sunset, Virgin Utah

06 Historical
Ron Belak – El Santuario de Chimayo
2nd Deanna Harrington – Wrangell Petroglyphs
3rd Dan Bernskoetter – Capitol Building Dome
HM Richard Youngblood – Chapel of the Holy Cross, Sedona AZ

 07 Cultural
Ron Belak – Vintage Wedding
2nd Deanna Harrington – Blossoms of Light
3rd Ron Belak – Dressed for an Outing

08 Natural Phenomena
1st Frank Zurey – Clouds Along the Shore
2nd Frank Zurey – Storm Over White Sands
3rd Ron Belak – Sunset over White Sands
HM Dan Bernskoetter – Morning Fog Sunrise
HM Deanna Harrington – Hoonah Clouds

09 Altered/Composite
Dan Bernskoetter – Sky on Fire at White Sands
2nd Dan Bernskoetter – Rainbow Before the Storm
3rd Judy Lehmkuhl – Santa

10 Black & White
Frank Zurey – White Sands
2nd Ron Belak – Sure-Footed Descent
3rd Virginia Staat – Mane Stallion
HM Dan Bernskoetter – The Eagle Has Landed
HM Peter Kummerfeldt – Storm’s Coming
HM Judy Lehmkuhl – Front Range

11 Novice Images
Buddy Green – Pom Pom Girl
2nd June Wolfe – Black Bear with Lunch
3rd Buddy Green – Afternoon Scuffle
HM June Wolfe – Jumping the Falls

12 Published Images
Virginia Staat – A Simple Shaft of Light. Rocky Mountain Outdoors Jul/Aug 2021
2nd Ron Belak – Autumn Above the Trees. Colorado Outdoors, Jan/Feb 2022
3rd Dan Bernskoetter – Wild Turkey. MO Conservation Natural Events Calendar 2022
HM Frank Zurey – Tahquamenon Falls. R Gallery, Boulder, CO “Turning Leaves of Fall” https://rgallery.art/collect ions/turning-leaves-of-fall 10/17/20

40 Artwork
Judy Lehmkuhl – Inuit Boat with Raven
This is an acrylic painting from a photo taken near Barrow, Alaska on the Arctic Ocean.

First Place Images

Second Place Images

Third Place Images