Red Jewels

Text and photo by Steve Cochrane

cherry tomatoes, back-lighting
Cherry tomatoes in golden light. © Steve Cochrane

I love photography, but a close second would be my passion for cooking. I love cooking with fresh ingredients and nothing is fresher than straight from the garden. A simple dish and one of my favorites is cherry tomato pasta. Simple ingredients: extra-virgin olive oil, onions, garlic, crushed red pepper, basil, parmesan cheese, and the cherry tomatoes. 

It was another hot summer day in western Colorado. I had my mind set on cherry tomato pasta, but the garden first needed some attention. There was silence this summer evening. The breeze was soft and gentle. The warmth of the sun flickering in and out of the aspen trees. Songbirds, each with a distinctive song, watched my every move. A hummingbird darted to and fro from flower to feeder and back again.

With the garden attended to my mind drifted back to thoughts of pasta goodness. I moved through the garden collecting my ingredients; a bulb of garlic, a few onions, and a couple of basil leaves. My final ingredient was in sight. This cherry tomato plant was robust and thick except for a few vines that escaped the trellis support. As I moved closer to the plant the sun dipped below the fence and filled the backyard with a lovely golden glow. Light has several basic properties that can fundamentally influence any scene. As a photographer, you live for these moments when all the properties of light (intensity, color, quality, and direction) come together. This all happened with this one tomato vine. I hurried into the house and grabbed a camera hoping I would not miss this beautiful light. 

Looking at this picture you can feel the simple elegance. Photography for me is about a special moment and a memory. When I look at this picture I first think of pasta, but then it brings me deeper. I close my eyes and imagine the smell of my mother’s homemade sauce cooking on the stove. All the great memories of the hours spent around the table talking, laughing and being together with friends and family.

I hope this photograph takes you to a special memory as it does for me.