2020 Photography Contest Results

Best of Show: Frank Zurey

Bison mom helps calf swim the Yellowstone River

“Mom Helping Calf Swim the Yellowstone River”
© Frank Zurey
1st Place Published Images.
“The image of the swimming American Bison pair conveys the essential nature of wildlife. The younger animal is being carefully escorted through the water by an older animal, probably its mother. This depiction of maternal care brings home the interior feelings of the animals through a wonderfully captured photograph of the scene.” ~ Judge Fred Lord

Photography Judge:

Fred Lord is a long-time resident of Colorado. From the age of twelve he developed an early love of photography, mostly of landscapes and nature, packing along a 35mm rangefinder camera during parts of his youth. Now retired, Fred is still looking for that perfect, scenic, wildlife, and/or nature photograph.

Photography Winners:

01 Image from Last Conference
Beto Gutierrez – Majestic  view
2nd Frank Zurey – Moose in Sprague Lake
3rd Virginia Staat – Trout Comes A-Courting
HM Beto Gutierrez – Cooling off
HM Ron Belak – Marmot Love

02 Scenics
Diane McKinley – Sunrise from South Street Bridge, PA
2nd Beto Gutierrez –  Sunset on the bay
3rd Judy Lehmkuhl – Gruchys meadow
HM Frank Zurey – Horsetail Falls
HM Ron Belak – Sprague Lake Sunrise

03 Flora 
Dan Bernskoetter – Ashy Sunflower
2nd Judy Lehmkuhl – Fairy slipper
3rd Frank Zurey – Arctic Gentian
HM Maryann Gaug – Prairie smoke
HM Ron Belak – Cactus Bloom

04 Fauna 
Beto Gutierrez – Owl Family
2nd Beto Gutierrez – Cat on  the prowl
3rd Beto Gutierrez – Tern with a catch
HM David Staat – Australasian Darter AU
HM David Staat – Blue Faced Honey Eater Kangaroo Island AU
HM Frank Zurey – Pika Gathering
HM John Thornron – Giant Swallowtail on Cone Flower

05 People in Nature
Ron Belak – Andean Tundra Camp
2nd Ron Belak – White Water Ecstacy
3rd Judy Lehmuhl – Pond explorers

06 Historical
Diane McKinley – Lady of Liberty
2nd Ron Belak – Machu Picchu Panorama
3rd Maryann Gaug – Oldest church in Iceland in Holar
HM David Staat – Strahan Train Engine Turn Tasmania AU
HM Frank Zurey – Antique Car circa 1905

07 Cultural
Ron Belak – Child Weaver
2nd Ron Belak – Blessing of the Sheep
3rd Ron Belak – El Mercado en Peru
HM Virginia Staat – Fly Without Wings

08 Natural Phenomena
Frank Zurey – Storm Brewing
2nd Virginia Staat – Incoming Storm
3rd Judy Lehkuhl – Iridescent cloud
HM Ron Belak – After the Fire

09 Altered/Composite
Ron Belak – Chicago Lakes Storm
2nd Judy Lehmkuhl – Moon at timberline
3rd Dan Bernskoetter – Leaping baboon
HM Dan Bernskoetter – American Goldfinch attack

10 Black and White
Dan Bernskoetter – Cape Buffalo Browse
2nd Beto Gutierrez –  Reflections
3rd Frank Zurey – Thunderhead Forming
HM Beto Gutierrez – The Boss
HM David Staat – Mystery Tunnel Tazmania AU
HM Virginia Staat – Knuckles and Spikes

11 Photography – Novice
Judy Lehmkuhl – Lensball lake
2nd Judy Lehmkuhl – Pop of color
3rd Judy Lehmkuhl – Museum sunset

12 Published Images
Frank Zurey – Mom Helping Calf Swim the Yellowstone River; published in Western Spirit Juried Art Show & Sale 2018, CFD Old West Museum, Cheyenne, WY, Website Gallery, 3 March 2018
2nd Dan Bernskoetter – Buckeye butterfly; Missouri Conservation Natural Events Calendar 2020
3rd Ron Belak – Trappers Lake Float; Fly Fishing Colorado’s Backcountry BookBaby, Dec. 2018
HM Judy Lehmkuhl – Iditarod musher leaving Galena; Ashland Daily Press, 25 March 2020
HM Ron Belak – Rufous in Flight; Colorado Outdoors Jan/Feb 2020

1st Place Images

2nd Place Images

3rd Place Images