Embracing the Oxymoron

Text & photo by Virginia Parker Staat

Dingo, caught in the torchlights
Dingo – caught in the torchlights!

As most of you know, I’m not much for standing in the spotlight. I’m happy being the photographer behind the viewfinder or the writer behind the computer. In fact, as RMOWP’s new president, I feel more like my Aussie dingo friend in the photo, frozen under the torches (aka flashlights). It’s the problem with us introverts… we spend most of our time trying to be invisible. Sometimes it doesn’t work. 

My intention, however, is to embrace the oxymoron of an introvert being your president. I want each of you to know that I was humbled and honored when asked if I would serve, and even more humbled and honored once elected as your president. And while I may try to stay out of the spotlight, I do look forward to working with each of you toward the future of RMOWP. (We introverts do enjoy working with individuals – as long as it’s behind the scenes.)

I admit that I begin my tenure not quite certain how to fill our past president Kent Taylor’s very large shoes, particularly his eloquence and style. However, with Don and Barb Laine at the helm to guide me, and our wonderful board of directors and Kent as mentors, I feel in excellent company and more hopeful than fearful. Thanks to each of you for your confidence and support.

I hope you, our RMOWP members, will feel that you can come to me with your questions, suggestions, and dreams for this organization. You can write me at prez@rmowp.org. Please let me hear from you.

For now, let me say that I feel privileged to serve such a talented group of folks. I joined RMOWP because of your commitment to sharing your knowledge in the fields of writing and photography and because of your commitment to the conservation and preservation of the outdoors. I feel blessed to have made so many friends within this stellar organization. Mostly, I look forward to our future together. 

Blessings to each of you in this beautiful New Year.