Funny Fotos 2019

If you appreciate a good chuckle – and who doesn’t – you’ve come to the right place. Virginia and David Staat earned four awards in this year’s Angelo Sciulli Humorous Photo Challenge. And, they presented a video of the entries and winners for everyone to enjoy during RMOWP’s 2019 Awards banquet.

And the winners are:

Hare with paws covering eyes

AOD (Agony of
Defeat) Award

“The moment the hare realizes the tortoise won…”
© Beto Gutierrez

"Ouch!" cardinal lands on cactus

MPSH (Most Prickly Sense
of Humor) Award

“Ouch!!!” © Frank Zurey

cute stuffed animals in clear backpack

MFSA (Most Suffocatingly
Funny) Award

“We want out…”
© Richard Holmes

man in wheelchair yelling humorously as though he sat on something

ALINAWC (At Least it’s not a Whoopie Cushion) Award

“I think I found my camera!”
© Barb Bromby

And here is the video:

2019 Rocky Mountain Outdoor Writers & Photographers humorous video.