2019 Photography Contest Results

humpback whale breaching, Alaska

Best of Show – Frank Zurey “Humpback Breaching” Fauna Category. Judge Fred Lord commented: “This is one of those iconic images many of us dream of. The award is given in honor of the persistence, luck and preparation that are necessary to capture such a photograph.”

Sixteen RMOWP members submitted photo and video entries, down from an average of 25 for the past five years, but the quality remained high.

Photography Judge

Fred Lord is a long-time resident of Colorado. From the age of twelve he developed an early love of photography, mostly of landscapes and nature, packing along a 35mm rangefinder camera during parts of his youth. Now retired, Fred is still looking for that perfect, scenic, wildlife, and/or nature photograph.

Photography Winners

01 Images from Last Conference
1st Kent Taylor “Last Light on the Ridge” 
2nd Frank Zurey “Sunset at the Dunes”
3rd Kent Taylor “Sand Subtleties at Sunset”
Honorable Mention
Frank Zurey “Wild Horse Family”

02 Scenics
1st Frank Zurey “Cathedral Rock”  
2nd Frank Zurey “Margerie Glacier”
3rd Dan Bernskoetter “Sprague Lake Sunrise”
Honorable Mention
Diane McKinley “Philadelphia Sunrise”
Diane McKinley “Washington Monument at Sunrise”

03 Flora
 Diane McKinley “Spines of Purple”
2nd Diane McKinley “Purple Heart”
3rd Dan Bernskoetter “Beginning to Bloom”
Honorable Mention
Dan Bernskoetter “Beginnings of Spring”
Kent Taylor “Orange Lily on Black”

04 Fauna
1st Frank Zurey “Humpback Breaching”  
2nd Beto Gutierrez “Grooming Roadrunner”
3rd Judy Lehmkuhl “Where’s My Supper?”
Honorable Mention
Dan Bernskoetter “Frog Leg Dinner”
Virginia Staat “Spirit Bear”
Frank Zurey “Molly”
Kent Taylor “Honey Bee Heaven”
Richard Youngblood “Rocky Creek Deer”

05 People in Nature
1st Beto Gutierrez “Fishing Buddies”  
2nd Frank Zurey “Sailing by the Glacier”
3rd Ron Belak “Approaching Snow Lake”
Honorable Mention
Ron Belak “Out for a Ride”

06 Historical
1st Frank Zurey “Cumbres & Toltec Historic Train”  
2nd Judy Lehmkuhl “Farm Implements in Fog”
3rd Diane McKinley “Jefferson Memorial Backside”

07 Cultural
1st Diane McKinley “Balloons for Sale” 
 2nd Dan Bernskoetter “Mennonite Brother”
3rd Kenita Gibbins “Remembering Pirates”

08 Natural Phenomena
1st Ron Belak “Fire in the Flat Tops” 
 2nd Frank Zurey “Fog Bank”
3rd Judy Lehmkuhl “Aurora”
Honorable Mention
Judy Lehmkuhl “Our Galaxy”

09 Altered/Composite
1st Dan Bernskoetter “Storm Brewing” 
2nd Diane McKinley “Three Aspens”
3rd Diane McKinley “Deep Dream”

10 Black and white images
1st Beto Gutierrez  “Barn Owl with Prey”  
2nd Richard Holmes “Big Iron”
3rd Ron Belak “A Short Winter’s Nap”
Honorable Mention
Richard Holmes “Ready to Roll”
Kenita Gibbins “Fun Lizards”
Dan Bernskoetter “Evil Eye”

11 Novice
1st June Wolfe “Greater Roadrunner”  
2nd June Wolfe “Scott’s Oriole”
3rd June Wolfe “Mexican Jay”

12 Published Images
1st Frank Zurey “Bobcat Drinking” published online at http://texasphoto.org/contests/FotoTexas/2018/selected/
2nd Frank Zurey “Joshua Trees at Sunset” published online at www.cultural-center.org/the-golden-hours/, Feb 2018
3rd Frank Zurey “Grooved Nipple Cactus” published online at www.mwcponline.com/flora.html, May 2019
Honorable Mention
Dan Bernskoetter “Eagle Bluffs Mates” Missouri Dept. of Conservation, Natural Events Calendar Feb 2019

1st Place Winners

2nd Place Winners

3rd Place Winners