The Last One

Text & photo by Kent Taylor

This will be my last President’s Column, friends. Perhaps I’ll survive the unenviable task of taking the baton from Al Perry four years ago after all. Yet here, now, is what stirs as RMOWP approaches its 46thannual conference in a few days.

It’s a better world with some buffalo left in it.
~ Wallace Stegness

The picture above was taken during my first conference in 2010. On that trip, a group of us stopped at Grand Teton National Park in route to Yellowstone National Park. My first time to those parks. Through the years, the side trips and day trips, explorations, education and experiences—and indeed the relationships—made possible through this organization have been a treasure, to say the least. 

Embedded, too, in the goals of the organization runs a tender vein, deep and vibrant. It is the commitment to conservation and preservation—through photograph and phrase—in communicating the vital importance of these lands to the human spirit and the joy of exploration that bonds us together. 

Indeed, it is a better world with some buffalo left in it. Hope to see you at Rocky Mountain National Park.