Winter’s Way

Text & photo by Kent Taylor

“Take refuge in your senses, open up to all the small miracles you rushed through…
be excessively gentle with yourself, having learned a new respect for your heart,
and the joy that dwells far within slow time.”
~ Sourced from the poem, “For One Who is Exhausted, A Blessing”
by John O’Donohue

Yosemite © K Taylor
Yosemite in Winter © Kent Taylor

Winter comes with its own invitation: inward, downward, below ground, beneath the surface of things. The earth restores, refreshes, rests. Buried seeds wait their time.

Writers and photographers are often students of the seasons, feeling the tug of O’Donohue’s words to take refuge in the senses, to notice the small miracles, to respect the joy that dwells far within slow time. All are part of the craft we share as communicators, explorers, artists and noticers.

As the New Year unfolds, I wish you well, dear friends, and some good outings afield. I look forward, as well, to what you find out there along Winter’s Way. Warm regards, Kent.