Funny Fotos 2018

David and Virginia Staat gave out six awards in this year’s Humorous Photo contest.
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The Most Obscure Sense of Humor (MOSH) Award

Could the “Beyond” in Bed Bath and Beyond be about the cemetery next door? © John Hanou

The Absolute Funniest Horse Expression (TAFHE) Award

Wipe that silly grin off your face!
© Laurie Ford

The Bird Contortionist (TBC) Award

Now I see your point of view.
© Peter Kummerfeldt

The Cutest Dog Photo Ever (TCDPE) Award

Watching the girls go by… © Sherry Zurey

Totally Gross (TG) Award

Why Kenita missed last year’s conference.
© Kenita Gibbins

There’s Got to be a Trick to That (TGTBATTT) Award

Did you know that patting a goat’s rump is good luck?
© Richard Youngblood

2018 Angelo Sciulli Humorous
Photo Challenge Winners

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