2018 Photo Awards

Return to Freedom © L. Ford

Best of Show Photography – Laurie Ford “Return to Freedom” Scenics Category

A little more than 500 still photos and videos were submitted for RMOWP’s 2018 contest, according to contest chair Frank Zurey. He said these came from 26 RMOWP members. The winners were announced at the closing banquet of this year’s conference in Alamosa, Colorado, along with a presentation of the images. See the gallery of winners at the bottom of this page.

Photography Judge – Fred Lord

Fred Lord is a long-time resident of Colorado. From the age of twelve he developed an early love of photography, mostly of landscapes and nature, packing along a 35mm rangefinder camera during parts of his youth. He received an Associate of Commercial Art degree from Denver Community College and worked in the advertising and promotion arenas for several years. After working for several television stations in the Denver area, he struck out on his own as a commercial photographer, specializing in television promotion and architectural photography. In 2003 he and his wife Linda moved to Summit County to pursue their dream of living high in the Colorado Rockies. Fred’s long-time interest in nature and landscape photography reasserted itself and, with a new commitment to photography, he again struck out on his own with the intent of honing his photographic skills to an even finer edge. He shoots with high-end Canon digital-capture cameras, and in recent years he has been photographing large-print panoramic views that have taken his art in new directions. Now living in Fort Collins, Colorado, Fred’s main interests are in making archival fine art prints on the most current giclée printers, and he hopes to continue developing his photography and printing skills, especially as they might be applied to displaying the extraordinary beauty of nature and her creatures. See fred-j-lordphotography.com)

Art – 1st Place

Jack's Flowers book

pages 4 & 5 of “Jack’s Flowers” © Staat & Olson

“Jack’s Flowers,” a mini book by Virginia Staat (design & art), and Jack Olson (photographer).
This was a unique “book” of photographs utilizing the physical format of the old 35mm slide. Jack provided the images, and Virginia created the 10-page book by placing them within the decorated frame of a slide. See the sample “spread” at right.

Photography winners in categories 1 – 12:

01 Images from Last Conference
1st Beto Gutierrez “Woody”
2nd Frank Zurey “Lazuli Bunting”
3rd Ron Belak “A Long Way Down”

02 Scenics
1st Laurie Ford “Return to Freedom”
2nd William Horton “Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach”
3rd Robert Bossard “Stairway to Heaven, Milky Way, Davis Mountains, Texas”
Honorable Mention
Frank Zurey “Anchor & Ogive Glaciers”

03 Flora
William Horton “Dried Chinese Lantern”
2nd Kent Taylor “Tulip Sunrise”
3rd John Hanou “Frost Detail, Merced River, Yosemite National Park”
Honorable Mention
Beto Gutierrez “Bottle Brush”
William Horton “Anemone Nemorosa”

04 Fauna
1st Beto Gutierrez “Cooling Off”
2nd Laurie Ford “Onaqui Dawn”
3rd Beto Gutierrez “Take Out”
Honorable Mention
William Horton “In Formation”
Dan Bernskoetter “Egret Grooming”
David Staat “Texas Gladiators”
Peter Kummerfeldt “Escorting a Lady”
Peter Kummerfeldt “Screech Owl”
Joanna Gray “Wet Paint”

05 People in Nature
1st William Horton “Bicyclists Below the Bluffs”
2nd Laurie Ford “People in nature”
3rd Beto Gutierrez “Kayaking in Gulf”
Honorable Mention
Beto Gutierrez “Cuban Life”
William Horton “Fisherman at Duncan’s Landing”

06 Historical
1st William Horton “Wild Cat Bridge in Oregon”
2nd Beto Gutierrez “Jamestown Clock Maker”
3rd William Horton “Conestoga Wagon Recreation”

07 Cultural
1st Ron Belak “Market Day in Ecuador”
2nd John Hanou “July 4th Fireworks on the Severn River, Severna Park, Maryland”
3rd Ron Belak “Travel in Ecuador”
Honorable Mention
Beto Gutierrez “Cuban Dance Troupe”

08 Natural Phenomena
1st William Horton “Shoshone Falls with Rainbows”
2nd William Horton “Elk Mountain beyond the Virga”
3rd Robert Bossard “Milky Way, Terlingua, Texas”
Honorable Mention
Bob Luce “Trident Lightning”
Dan Bernskoetter “Frozen Needles”

09 Altered/Composite
1st Laurie Ford “Lost Rider”
2nd Laurie Ford “Sante Fe Dreamer”
3rd William Horton “My Little Red ’57 Vet”
Honorable Mention
Terry Guthrie “Fishing Boat”
Laurie Ford “Lucky A Louy”

10 Black and white images
1st William Horton “Under the Russian River Bridge”
2nd Scott Meril “Deserted Bush”
3rd Frank Zurey “Great White Egret Displaying Plumage”
Honorable Mention
Peter Kummerfeldt “Arches National Park”
William Horton “Through the Arches”
Scott Meril “BW Sands”
Bob Luce “Playing Chicken”

11 Novice
1st David Staat “Caracara Landing”

12 Published Images
1st Frank Zurey “Pallid Bat Coming for Water” Denver Audubon Share the View, 2018
2nd Laurie Ford “The Watering Hole” CowboysIndians.com/ Hostiles, February-March 2018
3rd William Horton “Morning Dunes” Rocky Mountain Outdoors, March-April 2018
Honorable Mention
John Thornton “Prothonotary Warbler” Birds and Blooms Extra, March 2017

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