New Gunsmithing Series

Montana member Fred Zeglin announces the first two publications in a new series of technical manuals for gunsmithing. As a gunsmithing instructor, Zeglin realized there is a dearth of good teaching materials on the subject and decided to begin to rectify that. Each booklet in the series will address and explore one specific aspect of gunsmithing, providing highly detailed explanations in terms easy to understand, whether you are a professional or hobbyist.

In the first in the series, Chambering for Ackley Cartridges, Zeglin describes how to correctly headspace any style of Ackley Improved Cartridge, which “are probably the most abused of all cartridges by the gunsmithing trade.”

The second booklet is Understanding Headspace for Firearms and addresses a subject often seen as mysterious. Zeglin maintains headspace is easily quantified and measured, and proceeds to explain the subject fully and technically, yet clearly.

Next up will be Chambering Rifle Barrels for Accuracy, and Zeglin will be joined by Gunsmith Gordy Gritters to provide the student with everything he/she needs to know to produce barrels for the best accuracy, whether for hunting or target shooting.

The first two softcover booklets, 44 and 51 pages respectively, cost $12.95 each and are available from the author’s website (