Bill Fields Announces New Book

Fields Book Cover
Four Directions, A Southwest Journey by William Fields

Bill Fields, RMOWP member from Hermann, Missouri, is preparing to release a new book, The Four Directions, A Southwestern Journey, containing his photographic images of the American Southwest. Most of the 125 images in the 164-page book were created with a Fujifilm X-E1 camera converted to infrared, and are printed in sepia and black and white.

Moonrise South Rim
Moonrise South Rim Encore © William Fields

As fellow author Kent Nerburn writes, “Anyone who has traveled to the Four Corners area or Monument Valley understands the almost mystical power that the light and the landscape exert upon the human spirit. Bill not only understands this power; he achieves the almost impossible feat of capturing it. I love his photographic sensibility.”

Author James Gurney adds, “I’m impressed with how Bill Fields translates the Southwest’s epic vistas into sepia and black and white, which brings out the stark poetry of the land and its inhabitants.”

the face of the desert
Shannon, the face of the desert… © William Fields

About the book, Fields says, “I hope my pictures infuse you with the unquenchable desire to see these places and meet these people for yourself.” Fields adds, “I tell my story largely with photographs for I am an artist who uses a camera to express my emotional center. It is the thing that inspires me. It is my raison d’etre. It is my passion and it is what drives me each and every day.”

Fields says his agent is seeking a publisher for The Four Directions, A Southwestern Journey, and when it is published he expects the book to be available from, local and chain bookstores, and his website.

Fields also presents photography workshops and field trips, and along with fellow Missouri photographer Tony Carosella, has published the book Hermann, Missouri – One of the Prettiest Towns in America, with over 150 photographs.

Other projects in the works include a book of photographs of the Pacific Northwest, including portions of Canada and Alaska; a book of images of people who work with their hands, ranging from chefs to metal workers to farmers; and several projects highlighting the Missouri countryside.

See for additional information about Bill Fields and to see more of his work.