Corporate Friends News

New Products and Fun Facts

No one can say that RMOWP’s corporate friends haven’t been busy. 

Buddy Beds, a Denver-based company that has sent its luxurious memory foam dog beds and other dog-related products to a number of RMOWP’s auctions, has announced that it has listened to its customers and brought back its three-sided bolster beds. Buddy Beds makes the bolster beds with either three or four sides, creating a nest that lets your furry friends curl up and snuggle down. The orthopedic memory foam helps prevent painful pressure points, and the beds have waterproof, breathable fabric liners and easily removeable washable outer liners.

Debra Holte, founder and owner of Buddy Beds, whom many of you met at the Ouray conference, tells us that she uses the best memory foam available, certified non-toxic (no formaldehyde or other harmful chemicals), plus other top quality materials. Yes, this insistence on quality makes Buddy Beds more expensive than many other dog beds on the market. But, it also means that Buddy Beds last much longer than other brands and provide much better support, eliminating painful pressure points and helping your dog’s joints age gracefully.

Ms. Holte also shares this bit of fun information: According to the Petco Community, the top ten dog names in 2017, in order, are Bella, Max, Lucy, Bailey, Charlie, Daisy, Molly, Cooper, Buddy, and Lola.

For information on all Buddy Beds products and a variety of informative dog-related articles and tips, visit, and be sure to check out the Dog Bed Blog.

Need a new knife? Longtime RMOWP friend Buck Knives recently announced several new knives for anglers and hunters, plus commemorative knives honoring firefighters, military, and law enforcement officers.

Buck’s new 101 Hunter looks a lot like Buck’s popular 110 Folding Hunter. What’s the difference? The 101 Hunter is a fixed blade version of the 110. It weighs almost two ounces less than the 110, but has the same Macassar Ebony Dymondwood handle and 420HC blade with clip point. Buck also announced a number of new fishing products, including the Abyss Fillet knives with Kryptek camo rubberized handles. Their flexible trailing point blade has full tang construction to make efficient and clean cuts.

The Buck 722 Blue Line Spitfire is a tribute to military and law enforcement, and the 722 Red Line Spitfire is a tribute to firefighters. The Blue Line knife features a gray anodized aluminum handle with the “Thin Blue Line” American flag logo, and the Red Line Spitfire has a black anodized aluminum handle with the “Thin Red Line” American flag logo. Both feature 420 HC steel blades, one-hand opening, and a lock-back design to keep them locked open.

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