Funny Fotos 2017

David and Virginia Staat granted seven awardsin this year’s challenge. See the winning images at the bottom of the page.

The Two Of A Kind (TOAF) Award
“Talk about a cold nose!” © William Horton

The Most Politically Incorrect (MPI) Award
“Pretty much says it all…” © David Staat

The Funnel To Heaven (FTH) Award
“Beer lover’s vision of the afterlife… ” © John Hanou

The Breezy Behind (BB) Award
“Does anybody else feel a draft?” © Russ Bromby

The Capturing Cuteness (CC) Award
“Juvenile Delinquent…” © Dan Bernskoetter

The Defying Gravity (DG) Award
“Levitating Peeping Tom” © Al Perry

The Most Obscure Sense of Humor (MOSH) Award
“What’s so funny? – No ideer!” © Robert Luce

2017 Angelo Sciulli Humorous Photo Challenge Winners

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