2017 Photo Awards

Best of Show, John Hanou

Best of Show – John Hanou – “Fiery Sunset”

The number of entries and items entered in this year’s contest increased by about 25 percent over the last few years. Thirty-two members submitted 502 images in this year’s contest, almost 100 more than last year. Winners were announced at the conference closing banquet in Sierra Vista, with a presentation of the images.

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Photography Judge – Fred Lord

Fred Lord is a long-time resident of Colorado. From the age of twelve he developed an early love of photography, mostly of landscapes and nature, packing along a 35mm rangefinder camera during parts of his youth. After receiving his Associate of Commercial Art degree from Denver Community College, he worked in the advertising and promotion arenas for several years. After working for several television stations in the Denver area, he struck out on his own as a commercial photographer specializing in the fields of television promotion and architectural photography. In 2003 he and his wife Linda moved into their new townhouse in Summit County to pursue their dream of living high in the Colorado Rockies. His long-time interest in nature and landscape photography reasserted itself and, with a new commitment to photography, he again struck out on his own with the intent of honing his photographic skills to an even finer edge. Recently, Fred began photographing large-print panoramic views which have taken his art in new directions. Fred shoots with high-end Canon digital-capture cameras. His main interests are in making archival fine art prints on the most current gicleé printers. He hopes to continually develop his photography and printing skills, especially as they might be applied to displaying the extraordinary beauty of nature and her creatures. See www.fred-j-lordphotography.com.

Member’s Choice Winners

Wild & Free

Wild & Free © Laurie Ford

Twelve members submitted 20 entries in the member’s choice contest, and the first place winner received a beautiful knife from Buck, with “RMOWP 2017 Member’s Choice” engraved on it. Judged and chosen by the conference attendees, the winners were:

1st Laurie Ford “Wild & Free”
2nd Terry Guthrie “Hoppers”
3rd – Tie Dan Bernskoetter “Early Morning Display” and Al Perry “Icebergs”


It’s not every year we have entries in this category. The two entries this year were very special.

Simply Tom - a sketch

“Simply Tom” a sketch by Linda Bundren

1st – Tie Linda Bundren “Simply Tom, a Sketch”

stained glass calla lily

“Calla Lily in Glass” by Virginia Staat

Virginia Staat “Calla Lily in Glass” A copper-foil, opalescent stained-glass fan lamp.

Photography Winners in Categories 1 – 12:

01 Images from Last Conference
1st William Horton “The Dawn of Thor”
2nd Joanna Gray “Star Party”
3rd William Horton “Silent City Sunset”
Honorable Mention
Frank Zurey “Morning Light on Hoodoos”
John Thornton “Photographer”
Kenita Gibbins “Backlight”

02 Scenics
1st John Hanou “Fiery Sunset, Mesquite Flat Dunes, Death Valley National Park”
2nd William Horton “Portrait of a Russian Olive Tree”
3rd – Tie Al Perry “Iceberg Greenland”
John Hanou “Cadence and Cascade, Lower Muddy Creek Falls, Swallow Falls State Park, MD”
Honorable Mention
Al Perry “Milky Way Meteor Arch”
Laurie Ford “Sunset Over the Pier”
Terry Guthrie “Split Falls”
William Horton “Reflections in Lake San Cristobal”

03 Flora
Kent Taylor “Zinnias and River Rock”
2nd Diane Deming “Pink Hibiscus”
3rd Frank Zurey “Pasque Flower”
Honorable Mention
Beto Gutierrez “Christmas Cactus Bloom”
Dan Bernskoetter “Sun Loving Heart”
William Horton “Bee Plant Stamens”

04 Fauna
1st Laurie Ford “The Watering Hole”
2nd Ron Belak “Barbets on Buffalo”
3rd – Tie Dan Bernskoetter “Opposite Twins”
Virginia Staat “Whiteout”
Honorable Mention
Beto Gutierrez “Mom and Babies”
Diane Deming “Delicate Landing”
Frank Zurey “Breaching Humpback Whale”
Jo Dodd “Red in a Sea of Green”
Sherry Zurey “A Cool Drink”

05 People in Nature
1st – Tie William Horton “It is a Long Way Up”
Al Perry “Lighting Up the Sky”
2nd William Horton “Heading Up the Medano”
3rd Beto Gutierrez “Nature’s Shower”
Honorable Mention
Al Perry “Biker at Sundown”
Jim Baker “A Proud Selfie”
John Hanou “Self Portrait, Mobius Arch, Alabama Hills, CA”
Kent Taylor “Front Row Seat at Point Lobos”

06 Historical
1st John Hanou “Calf Creek Falls Petroglyphs”
2nd Linda Bundren “Spring Planting”
3rd Linda Bundren “Reflections in the Shadows”
Honorable Mention
Frank Zurey “San Geronimo Chapel”
Ron Belak “Hovenweap Castle”
William Horton “Ashford Mill Ruin”
William Horton “When Borax was King”

07 Cultural
1st William Horton “Moundville Flautist”
2nd Ron Belak “Culture Clash”
3rd Al Perry “Cemetery Greenland”
Honorable Mention
Ron Belak “Masai Village”
William Horton “True Grit Reenactment”

08 Natural Phenomena
1st John Hanou “Cloud Burst, Three Rivers, NM”
2nd Al Perry “Cold Front”
3rd William Horton “Clouds in the Valley”
Honorable Mention
Al Perry “Fog Bow”
Al Perry “Lava Flow Diverting Stream”
Frank Zurey “Super Moon”
Russ Bromby “Frost on the Window”

09 Altered/Composite
1st Laurie Ford “Playfight”
2nd Al Perry “Midnight Drive into Canyon on Starry Night”
3rd Diane Deming “Dahlia Duo”
Honorable Mention
Kent Taylor “Canna Lilies with Oil Texture”
Laurie Ford “Mentor”
William Horton “Wildrose Charcoal Kilns”

10 Black and white images
1st Al Perry “Hoodoos Utah”
2nd Jo Dodd “Going Down That Road”
3rd William Horton “Parked in Black and White”
Honorable Mention
Kenita Gibbins “Black & White Beauty in Black & White”
William Horton “Mudcracks and Lava”

11 Novice
1st Laurie Ford “Spar at Dusk”
2nd Dan Bernskoetter “Hiding from View”
3rd Dan Bernskoetter “Gateway Arch of the West”
Honorable Mention
Barb Bromby “Green Swirls”
Laurie Ford “Spring”

12 Published Images
1st Al Perry “Milky Way Galaxy” Pulaski County Journal, 9-14-2016
2nd Al Perry “Sandhill Crane Family” Pulaski County Journal, 10/26/2016
3rd RJ Luce “Eclipse Moon over the San Pedro River” Cochise College Mirage Literary & Arts Magazine 2016
Honorable Mention
RJ Luce “Arizona Trail Magic” Cochise College Mirage Literary & Arts Magazine 2016

Gallery of winners

2017 1st Place Photo Winners

2017 2nd Place Photo Winners

2017 3rd Place Photo Winners

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