Spring’s Return

Texas wildflowers
Wildflowers near Granbury, Texas © Kent Taylor

The mention of Spring’s Return in early March may seem a tad premature for those of you in higher elevations where boots, gloves, and a good snow shovel are still within reach. Here on the plains of central Texas, however—a long ways from the Rockies—March and April’s warming breezes lure the poet, painter, and photographer outside to witness this year’s unfolding of wildflowers. There are plenty of front row seats available.

Thus, one of the real delights, to me, of being part of this organization is coming together at the annual conference to share and celebrate what we’ve found through the year that caught our attention. One can learn a great deal by seeing how others see the world and practice their craft of “noticing” whether through camera or pen. We are fortunate indeed!

We are fortunate, as well, to have some time set aside this year in Sierra Vista to remember our friend, Tom Ulrich. As you probably know, Tom died recently after a brief bout with a rare form of Leukemia. We will greatly miss Tom. He has been a good friend, mentor, instructor, and supporter of RMOWP for many years. Spring was his favorite time, of course, to follow the birds. It seems fitting, somehow, that we’ll be meeting in a place known, in part, for its birding.

I look forward to seeing you there.