Fame But No Fortune

Members of RMOWP who have something outdoorsy to say or a photo to brag about are invited to submit them to Rocky Mountain Outdoors (yes, this newsletter).

There’s no pay. However, being published here does give previously unpublished individuals the opportunity to call yourself a published author or photographer. It also lets you submit your work in the published categories of the annual RMOWP contest. (BTW—the 2017 contest submission deadline is January 23.)

Articles should be under 1,000 words – preferably from 500 to 700 words – but we have and will run longer articles at times, perhaps in several parts. Most articles first appear in the newsletter and may then also be featured on the website. We ask for one-time publication rights for both the newsletter and the website, but other than that you’re free to submit it to any other publication. It will, however, remain on rmowp.org forever, as all newsletters are posted on the website.

Photos, either to accompany an article or stand alone with a fascinating caption, should be decent-size jpegs.

The newsletter is published every other month, but submissions are welcome at any time. Email them to