Funny Fotos 2016

The following humorous awards were determined by this year’s judges Virginia and David Staat. The chosen photos appear at the bottom of the page.

The Most Obscure Sense of Humor (MOSH) Award

The challenges of photographing fast-moving signs… © Jack Olson

The Hercules Strength (HS) Award

Lighter cars get better gas mileage. © Linda Martin

The Ain’t Going Nowhere (AGNF) Award

Clean and Jerk. © Frank Zurey

The State of Politics Today (SPT) Award

When confusion reigns… © Dan Bernskoetter

The Chipmunk High Five (CHF) Award

Crouching Tiger Pose. © Al Perry

The Frozen Assets (FA) Award

New Form of Ice Fishing. © Kenita Gibbins

The Taking a Peek (TAP) Award

He certainly should consider shorts rather than a sweater. © Ken Papaleo

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