Funny Fotos 2014

This year we had a new judge for the Angelo Sciulli Humorous Photo Challenge – Virginia Staat, who added to the fun with some very creative awards. See for yourself…

There’s a gallery of all submissions at the bottom of the page.

AMCP (Animal in Most Compromising Position) – tie
My Cell Phone is a Pain in the Back © Frank Zurey “I should have checked my luggage.”
The World is Upside Down © Sherry Zurey “Is there a chiropractor in the house?”
Roof Stander © Ken Papaleo “Sleepwalking nightmare.”

MIG (Mind in the Gutter)
Carrot Boy © Kenita Gibbins “Not Michelangelo’s David.”

MLBAE (Most Likely to be Bitten, Attacked, or Eaten) – tie
Two old geezers kissing © Beto Gutierrez “In love with the almighty buck.”
Here’s looking at you © Beto Gutierrez “It’s not the size of the hat, it’s what’s in it that counts.”

MOSH (Most Obscure Sense of Humor)
One small step © Jack Olson “Don’t let grass grow under your feet.”

MPPGB (Most Perfect Photo Gone Bad)
Flying by the seat of your pants © Al Perry “Unless you’re the lead goose, the scenery never changes.”

MRCC (Most Ridiculous Commentary on Culture) – tie
Classy Santa © Don Laine “Santa’s bad tattoo idea.”
Who Knew © Bill Horton “The death of common sense.”

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