Funny Fotos 2013

Judging and additional captions by Angelo Sciulli.

1st – Virginia Staat “Popeye Peter” or “Popeye Peter, inventor of the SBD!”

2nd – Tie:
Frank Zurey  “Mischeivous Hands” or “Proof that idle hands are the devil’s workshop!”
John Catsis “New Mexico Outhouse – It’s Poop TV” or “John just being fecetious” (pun intended)

3rd – Ken Papaleo “Hand Stander” or “‘Hold my beer, I’m gonna try something’ is said before most accidents.”

Honorable Mention
Tracey Maras “You know it’s hot when…” or “Do they make Viagra for squirrels?”
Virginia Staat “Bear wire Test” or “Over or under? If the average IQ is 100, then everybody you meet has a 50/50 chance of being over or under.”
Kenita Gibbins “Hey Handsome” or “Per favore signore, I wanna makayou an offer you no canna refuse? Gimme sum popcorn or your hat gets it.”
Beto Gutierrez “If Angelo moves, I can get the last two pins.” or “If Angelo moves, I have a clear shot at Beto!”
Linda Bundren “Lead me not into temptation, I can find it all by myself.” or “So what is invisible and smells like corn?”
Ken Papaleo “Road Trip” or “Please stop at the next tree.”

2013 Humorous Photo winners are…


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