Funny Fotos 2011

Once, again, judged by our prince of humor Angelo Sciulli – who claims “Every day, first thing, I check the paper for my obituary. If I don’t see my name, I reach under the mattress for a girlie magazine to get my heart started.”

1st- Georgette Sotos “Victoria’s best secret” or “Do these bloomers make my butt look big?”
2nd – Frank Zurey “Where’s the TP?” or “This is the tornado shelter??? There is no way I am going to the basement!”
3rd – Angelo Sciulli “Chicken” or “For dinner you’re having fried WHAT??”

Honorable Mention:
Jack Olson “Lincoln & ET” or “Yes ma’m, I cannot tell a lie. Those antenna do look stupid.”
Frank Zurey “One for the road.” or “He’s my designated driver.”

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