Lifetime Membership for Longtime Members

Founded in 1973, Rocky Mountain Outdoor Writers and Photographers is among the oldest and most respected organizations of outdoor communicators in the American West, with a number of current members tracing their earliest involvement with the group to the 1970s and ‘80s.

At RMOWP’s recent board meeting at the Bryce Canyon conference, the board of directors unanimously passed a measure granting free Lifetime Memberships to those who have been paid members of RMOWP for at least 25 years. The 25 years need not be contiguous, so those who may have dropped out for a year or two and then re-joined would still be eligible as long as their total number of paid years is at least 25.

Currently there are two Lifetime Members and two Honorary Members, as approved by the board in earlier years, and the board’s action last month will add eleven Lifetime Members at this time. As others reach the 25-year mark they will also gain Lifetime Member status. Listings in the membership directory include the year each member joined, as best as RMOWP’s records show, and longtime members are invited to check that year and let us know of any discrepancies by e-mailing