A Generous Helping

By Kent Taylor

“You must have certain noble areas of the world left in as close-to-primal condition as possible. You must have quietness and a certain amount of solitude. You must be able to touch the living rock, drink the pure waters, scan the great vistas, sleep under the stars and awaken to the cool wind. Such experiences are the heritage of all people.”  – Ansel Adams, American Photographer

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, an organization established to preserve portions of some of the most beautiful, exquisitely wild spaces in North America; to protect such “noble areas” of quietness, solitude, and inspiration for generations to come. The sheer gravity of this gift to the collective human spirit is immeasurable.

hoodoos at Bryce Canyon NP
Hoodoo Heaven, Bryce Canyon NP © Kent Taylor

I am grateful to have visited several of our national parks and for the opportunities to “touch the living rock” and “scan the great vistas” RMOWP has afforded me through the years. Add to that the friendships, the education, the outings, the eating, and a generous helping of laughter and goodwill, that’s quite a bargain. I look forward to seeing you at Bryce Canyon.