2016 Photo Awards

Serenity © W. Horton

Best of Show – William Horton – Serenity

A total of 408 images were submitted by 21 members for RMOWP’s 2016 contest. The winning images were announced and viewed at the awards banquet at this year’s conference in Bryce Canyon, Utah.

See the gallery of winners at the bottom of this page.

Photography Judge – Tom Ulrich
A freelance photographer since 1975, Tom Ulrich is highly acclaimed around the world for his nature photography skills. Many of his one million-plus images have been used by thousands of magazines and other publications. Tom has been the recipient of many prestigious awards, including the North American Nature Photographers Association Fellow Award. For many years he has lead photo tours to remote parts of the world, and is also busy conducting photography seminars and workshops, and lecturing at numerous universities.

Members’ Choice Award –


Wrangler © Al Perry – 1st place Members’ Choice 2016

Separate from the above contest, this award is voted on by those attending the conference. First place went to Al Perry for “Wrangler,” second place went to Dan Bernskoetter for “Evening Blues,” and third went to John Thornton for “Booming Greater Prairie Chicken.”

Image from Last Conference – 1
1st Al Perry “Durango and Silverton Railroad”
2nd Frank Zurey “Ouray at Night”
3rd Ken Papaleo “Natures Window”
Honorable Mention
Terry Guthrie “Distant Aspens”
Dan Bernskoetter “Yankee Girl Mine”
Ken Papaleo “Crystal Lake”

Scenics – 2
1st William Horton “Serenity”
2nd Al Perry “ Lake Superior as viewed from inside ice cave”
3rd William Horton “Veliki Slap”
Honorable Mention
Frank Zurey “Path Through the Hoo Doos”
Al Perry “Milky Way Galaxy”
Jo Dodd “Peek-a-Boo”
Kit Horton “Along the Schnebley Road”

Flora – 3
1st Linda Bundren “Colorful Hollyhock”
2nd Terry Guthrie “May Apple”
3rd Dan Bernskoetter “Wildflower Meadow”
Honorable Mention
Frank Zurey “Joshua Tree”
Maryann Gaug “Red Columbine”
Dan Bernskoetter “Tiger lily view”
Dan Bernskoetter “Early spring crocus”

Fauna – 4
1st Al Perry “Wild mustang mare and foal in field of wildflowers”
2nd Terry Guthrie “Greater Roadrunner with Lizard”
3rd Joanna Gray “Backyard Bandit”
Honorable Mention
Al Perry “Twin cubs with sow chilling”
Gayle Biggs “Trying to Escape”
Frank Zurey “Cross Beak”
Ron Belak “Got Your Fly–Goodbye!”

People in Nature – 5
1st Kent Taylor “The Old Man and the Boy”
2nd Terry Guthrie “Over the Edge”
3rd Al Perry “Crossing Lake Superior at Sundown”
Honorable Mention
Frank Zurey “Sunrise at Dallas Divide”
Maryann Gaug “Cecilia and Red Mountain”
Richard Holmes “Into the Fog”
Linda Bundren “Selfie on the Edge”

Historical – 6
1st Kent Taylor “The End of the Line”
2nd Frank Zurey “Through the Window to the Past”
3rd Terry Guthrie “Cable Family Mill”
Honorable Mention
Joanna Gray “Simple Faith – Mission San Xavier del Bac”
William Horton “The Hilltop Gem of Motovun”
Linda Bundren “Sugar Creek Covered Bridge”
Al Perry “Country store”

Cultural – 7
1st Al Perry “Warming up on a cold day”
2nd Ken Papaleo “Pie Eater”
3rd Gayle Biggs “Ready to Rodeo”
Honorable Mention
Ron Belak “Festival Clown”
Linda Bundren “Hands of Hope”
Al Perry “Chapel and night sky”

Events – 8
1st Maryann Gaug “Mine-tainted waters”
2nd Virginia Staat “Blood Moon Eclipse”
3rd Maryann Gaug “After the forest fire”

Altered/Composite – 9
1st Kit Horton “Yavapai Point”
2nd Kit Horton “Pretty in Pink Peony”
3rd Dan Bernskoetter “Milky Way Moon”
Honorable Mention
Virginia Staat “All Blaze No Saddles”
Terry Guthrie “Soaring Scissor Tail”
Ken Papaleo “DIA Hotel”

Black and White Images – 10
1st Ken Papaleo “Open Road”
2nd William Horton “Sunset Cathedral”
3rd Dan Bernskoetter “Spring fawn”
Honorable Mention
Frank Zurey “Chiricahua Cochise Stronghold”
Jo Dodd “Pathway
Al Perry “Hoarfrost”

Novice – 11
1st Larry Parker “A River Runs Through It”
2nd Larry Parker “Mom Watching Over Son”
3rd Virginia Staat “Denali Moose”
Honorable Mention
Virginia Staat “The Opportunist”

Published Images – 12
1st Frank Zurey “Vermilion Flycatcher” 2015 Share the View, Audubon Society of Greater Denver, 2015
2nd Frank Zurey “Northwestern Glacier” Illuminate, The Center for Fine Art Photography, Dec 2015
3rd William Horton “Landmannalaugar Hot Springs” darkroomgallery.com, Dec 10, 2015
Honorable Mention
Ron Belak “Brookie” Colorado Outdoors, July/Aug 2015

The winners

2016 1st Place Photo Winners

2016 2nd Place Photo Winners

2016 3rd Place Photo Winners

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