The Magical Time

Article and photo by Kent Taylor © 2016

spring tulips
Spring’s Razzle-Dazzle

It’s always a bit magical: spring’s return. No matter how many times I’ve witnessed the tulips, the fruit blossoms, or the bluebonnets erupt from winter’s sleep, watched the birds return to build their nests, or noticed a tiny neon shoot, pushing up and through, it’s still magical when it happens.

Maybe. Maybe because this magic lies out of our hands; maybe because we know the timing has been percolating for months in the depths and largely out of sight; maybe because it reminds us that life emerges out of our own long winters, spring’s return creates its own stirring and arrives on its own terms.

Wherever your spring adventures take you this year, I wish you well. As a creative community of writers and photographers linked together by our appreciation for nature, I look forward to seeing and hearing what’s been a bit magical for you as well. Safe travels out there on the trail, friends. See you in Bryce.