Family & the Great Outdoors by Wayne Turner – a book review

by Maryann Gaug © 2016

In Family & The Great Outdoors, through four sections of short stories, Wayne Turner takes you on a 70-plus-year journey of his life spent hunting, fishing, and discovering himself.

Turner book front coverAs a young child, his father taught him outdoor skills, including hunting and fishing, near Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. The joy of the hunt included not only learning the ways of the game, but also bonding with his father, hunting dogs, and hunting partners. His stories bring to life the history and culture of a rural community in the 1950s.

Fishing trips with his college date developed into love and marriage. Spending time outdoors brought him, his wife, and two sons together, where many days the hunt turned into observation of the ways of the animals and fish, while taking no lives. These shared times increased their love for each other and now his grandson joins the journey. Throughout the book, Wayne’s life in nature became a search for himself and his unfolding understanding of the circle of life and the divine.

Anglers and hunters will enjoy the thrill of the hunt and equipment used while sometimes being outwitted by the prey. Other readers will appreciate his descriptive prose of terrain and animals. Life in the outdoors made Turner the man he is today, bonded not only with his family, but also with the creatures of the great outdoors. His experiences woven throughout this book are an inspirational reflection of life.


(Editor’s Note: Wayne Turner and wife Kathy are former members of RMOWP who dropped out because their schedule keeps them from attending conferences. We miss them!

Wayne is offering his book to RMOWP members for the flat rate of $20. If you wish a copy, send a check to Wayne Turner, PO Box 4629,Dillon, CO 80435. He says he will “send you a personalized autographed copy via USPS and I will pay the shipping. If you don’t wish me to autograph, the price will be $50. Peace and good fishing my friends.”)