2015 Auction Results

The 2015 auction was – as always – fun and productive. We had donations from several corporate friends: Buck Knives, Buddy Beds, Cotton Carriers, Green Living Dog Beds, LensPen, and Remington. In addition, members brought numerous items they’d found lying around the house, and Beto and Clare Gutierrez again generously donated a several-day stay at their wildlife photography retreat in South Texas, Santa Clara Ranch, plus a few-day stay at their condo on South Padre Island.

Beto auctions off one of the many donations (c) Don Laine

Auctioneer Beto Gutierrez encouraged, cajoled, and badgered us to part with our pennies and dollars. When the smoke cleared, we’d raised $6600.50 from the auction plus some miscellaneous donations from a few people who apparently felt they hadn’t spent enough! Thank you one and all. The scholarship fund again has sufficient funds to offer scholarships of $2000 for the next two years.