2015 Photo Awards

Glacier NP sunset
Best of Show – William Horton – Last Light in Glacier

Below are the results of the 2015 photography contest, which were announced during our annual conference in Ouray, Colorado. A total of 427 images were submitted by 24 members. See the gallery of winners at the bottom of this page.

Photography Judge – Tom Ulrich
A freelance photographer since 1975, Tom Ulrich is highly acclaimed around the world for his nature photography skills. Many of his one million+ images have been used by thousands of magazines and other publications all over the world. Tom has been the recipient of many prestigious awards. Most recently, Tom received the North American Nature Photographers Association Fellow Award in 2005. For many years Tom has been leading photo tours to remote parts of the world. Additionally, Tom is busy conducting photography seminars and workshops around the country and lecturing at numerous universities.

Other awards

"My Turf"
“My Turf” by Beto Gutierrez – 1st place Members’ Choice

“My Turf” by Beto Gutierrez  took 1st place in Members’ Choice, which is chosen by those in attendance at the conference.


Image from Last Conference – 1
William Horton “Fire on the Mountain”
2nd Al Perry “Bighorn sheep at Glacier”
3rd Frank Zurey “Running Eagle Falls”
Honorable Mention:
Frank Zurey “Avalanche Creek”
Gayle Biggs “So Handsome”
Al Perry “Iceberg Lake at Glacier”
William Horton “Glacier God Beams”

Scenics- 2
William Horton “Last Light in Glacier”
2nd Al Perry “Sunbeams on glacier, Alaska”
3rd William Horton “Swiftcurrent Falls Sunset”
Honorable Mention:
Ken Papaleo “Paint Mines
Frank Zurey “Red Rock Canyon
Virginia Staat “View from Skyline Drive
William Horton “Window on the Canyon
Beto Gutierrez “Glacier Lake

Flora – 3
Diane Deming “Spring Tulips”
2nd Frank Zurey “Colorado Columbine”
3rd Al Perry “Wildflowers at Glacier”
Honorable Mention:
John Thornton “Morel”
Gayle Biggs “Single Tulip”
William Horton “Bear Grass Sentinels”
Frank Zurey “Pasque Flower and Bud”
Richard Holmes “Texas Bluebonnets”

Fauna – 4
Al Perry “Wild Mustang Stallions Sparring”
2nd Beto Gutierrez “Crimson Splash”
3rd Virginia Staat “Merry Berry Bird”
Honorable Mention:
Richard Holmes “Cormorant Landing”
Beto Gutierrez “Covey of Quail”
Terry Guthrie “Woodpecker with Berry”
Beto Gutierrez “Safe with Mother”
Terry Guthrie “Happy Hoppers”

People in Nature – 5
Al Perry “Riding the Ridge”
2nd William Horton “Perfect Cast”
3rd William Horton “Look at ME!”
Honorable Mention:
Frank Zurey “Can You See the Bottom?”
Maryann Gaug “People in Shrine Ridge Flowers”
Frank Zurey “Did You Hear the One About…”
Ken Papaleo “Wild Ride”
Jo Dodd “You Are Never Too Young”

Historical – 6
Al Perry “Leaving Home”
2nd William Horton “Watchtower in the Afternoon”
3rd Ken Papaleo “Window Reflection”
Honorable Mention:
Al Perry “Sailboat in Arctic”
David Staat “Shattered Dreams”
Linda Bundren “Lincoln’s Home”
Terry Guthrie “John Oliver Cabin”

Cultural – 7
Gayle Biggs “Basket Weaving”
2nd Maryann Gaug “Weapons Demo Reenactor Parade”
3rd Linda Bundren “Lincoln Funeral Reenactment”
Honorable Mention:
Linda Bundren “Haitian Water Carriers”
Richard Youngblood “Flint and Steel Fire”
Richard Youngblood “Waiting for the Dance”

Events – 8
John Thornton “Spring Hail Storm”
2nd Gayle Biggs “High Jump”
3rd Frank Zurey “Copper River Bridge No 339 Washed Out ”
Honorable Mention:
John Thornton “The Sky is Falling”
Gayle Biggs “Oooops”

Altered/Composite – 9
William Horton “1945 Dodge Truck in a Montana Field”
2nd Ken Papaleo “TeePee”
3rd Terry Guthrie “Neon”
Honorable Mention:
William Horton “Red-Tailed Hawk on the Wing”
Diane Deming “HDR Sunflower”
Ken Papaleo “Flaming Peaks”
Ken Papaleo “Columbine”

Black and White – 10
Jo Dodd “Through the Years”
2nd Gayle Biggs “Interesting Read”
3rd Beto Gutierrez “Peaceful”
Honorable Mention:
Beto Gutierrez “Dinner”
Al Perry “View From Above”
Terry Guthrie “Rolling Stream”
Ken Papaleo “Helping Hands”

Photography – Novice – 11
Virginia Staat “On the Hunt”
2nd David Staat “Shroom at Sunset”
3rd David Staat “Waterton Chalet”

Published Images – 12
William Horton “Autumn in the Sneffels Wilderness” Rocky Mountain Outdoors, Nov/Dec 2014
2nd John Thornton “Nest Building Great Blue Herons” Feathers, Payne County Audubon Society, Oct 2014
3rd Al Perry “Ice cave man” Evansville Living, Feb 2014
Honorable Mention:
Frank Zurey “Pasque Flower” 2014 Members Show, Colorado Photographic Arts Center, Page 63, 2014
William Horton “Dune Dog Hears His Cousins” Colorado Mountain Dog by M. John Fayhee, 2014
William Horton “Perfect Perch, Lost & Found” Darkroom Gallery, Page 60, 2014

2015 1st Place Photo Winners

2015 2nd Place Photo Winners

2015 3rd Place Photo Winners

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