Fixing Flawed Photos

Editing Your Way to Beauty
Workshop by William Horton – William Horton Photography, Conference 2015, Ouray, Colorado

Description: No photograph is perfect right out of the camera. Many are seriously deficient. But don’t hit the Delete key just yet. With a little effort you can fix common problems such as skewed horizons, obnoxious backgrounds, camouflaged subjects, off-color color, over- and under-exposure, lighting that is harsh or flat or both, leaning walls, constipated compositions, sensor measles, and more. Don’t stop with fixing the problems: add interest and flare. See how to make the subject pop, experiment with black and white, night-for-day, and other techniques. You will see live demos of editing photos using Lightroom.
Resource: Fixing Flawed Photos – handouts (PDF, 2 slides per page)