Last Column as President

by Al Perry

Perry in Iceland
Al Perry in Iceland. Photo by Haukur Gnorrason

My term as president of the Rocky Mountain Outdoor Writers and Photographers organization expires at our annual conference in Ouray, Colorado. One of my goals during the last four years has been to preserve the free exchange of ideas related to outdoor writing and photography which existed long before I joined the organization.

With RMOWP, I see an organization running smoothly and efficiently. I have followed the lead of our executive director who listened to divergent ideas and almost always came up with a good solution in behalf of all members.

I am not the first to recognize the contribution from long time members including Tom Ulrich, Jack Olson, Jim Baker, John Catsis, and many others who helped make RMOWP what it is today. Also, Mike Hammond and Beto Gutierrez have been very generous with their financial contributions to the organization. Finally, I believe Don and Barb Laine have provided an historical perspective and pragmatism to make things work for the good of the organization. Of course there are others who have also contributed and your names are listed in the membership directory.

In the coming years I plan active participation as a member of RMOWP and help whenever possible. RMOWP has much to be proud of going forward.