2015 Photo Workshop Wrap-up

by Nic Showalter

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Eight participants gathered in Estes Park, CO for our 2015 photo workshop in Rocky Mountain National Park. We enjoyed good conditions, willing photographers and a vibrant environment to develop and refine our photography skills.

Fred Lord returned for his 4th year as our landscape instructor, Jared Gricoskie returned for his 7th year as our wildlife teacher.

RMOWP Photo Workshop 2015
Photo Workshop attendees & instructors © Nic Showalter
Rocky Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park © Cindy Hanes

We always have a tentative schedule and then shift our plans when clouds cover the sun, rain falls or the weather threatens. We shot sunrises, sunsets, moving water, aspen trees, wildlife and flowers.

Over the last several years we have blended post-processing techniques in with our after-lunch critique sessions. Participants submit images for critique and as part of that feedback we do post-processing of the image on a screen so all can see.

Now that moose are so prevalent in the park, participants enjoy one morning on the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park looking for and capturing the largest mammals in the park.

An early morning optional hike to Dream Lake for sunrise was a unique experience of complete fog that broke well after sunrise affording some dramatic images for those eager enough to leave our basecamp at 3:50 am.

Reversing a trend over the last several years, there were more Canon shooters (7) than Nikon.

Thank you to RMOWP for your continued support and encouragement of this event!