Wanted: Seriously Flawed Photos… Seriously!

At the upcoming conference in Ouray this fall, William Horton will demonstrate techniques to rescue less than perfect images. For this presentation “Fixing Flawed Photographs,” he needs … flawed photos.

When asked if he didn’t have a few flawed photos of his own, he broke down in sobs mumbling about the crushing blow to his ego. So please rescue Bill by sharing some of your images that could use a little improvement. These don’t need to be total rubbish, just ones that fall short of their potential. Maybe they were taken in the gray hour. Or your spouse or children hid your tripod that day. Any image (RAW format if possible) that needs rescue, repair, or resuscitation will be appreciated.

E-mail Bill (william@horton.com) to get instructions for uploading your photo. Or, put the file on a CD, DVD, or thumb drive and send to the address below.

William Horton Photography
838 Spruce Street
Boulder, CO 80302


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