Are You 4k Ready?

by Al Perry

A few years ago, most photographers made the transition from standard definition to high definition in the presentation of still and motion photography. We may now want to consider 4K, or ultrahigh definition, devices including computer displays, projectors and TV’s. The good news is that our still cameras are already 4K ready. With 4K displays, projectors and TV’s now becoming available, we can choose to show our work in ultra-high definition.

Without getting into the math, high definition is about 4 times the resolution of standard definition. 4K, or ultrahigh definition, is 4 times the resolution of high definition. Just as digital cameras have become higher resolution, so too have computer displays, projectors and TV”s.

To prepare our slides for high definition, we size the images 1080 pixels high. If we want to show our work in 4K, or ultrahigh definition, we simply size them to 4000 or 3840 pixels wide and 2160 pixels high. Resizing for video clips is the same. Of course, to view the ultra-high resolution images, we need a 4K computer monitor, projector or TV.

As an example, in December 2014, I made presentations of still and motion photography in 4K. Viewers were favorably impressed with the look of 4K content on a 4K viewing device. Also, I recently retired a 5 year high definition slide show running 24/7 at a regional airport. The high definition slide show has been replaced with 4K stills and video clips on a ultra-high definition, 78 inch, curved surface, calibrated monitor.

I forecast higher resolution recording and presentation will grow over the next few years.