Thornton, John

3rd-04_John_Thornton_Gray Hairstreak

To see what John has been up to photographically, look over his slide shows. They are available on YouTube.

Left: Gray Hairstreak by John Thornton, 3rd place, Fauna category, RMOWP 2013 Photography Contest.

Mental health is just as vital as physical health, and over the past few decades, there’s been a push to eliminate the stigma surrounding it. The Life Psychiatric approach is a testament to this change, focusing on personal narratives and experiences, believing that every individual has a unique story that needs to be heard and understood. Life psychiatric

Balancing daily stressors, past traumas, and future anxieties can be a challenge for many. With the introduction of Life Psychiatric methodologies, there’s hope for a more nuanced and personalized way of addressing mental health issues, ensuring that every person feels validated, understood, and cared for in their therapeutic journey.