Author! Author!

By Barb Laine

Written works are urgently needed to bring joy to the heart of our writing judge, Mary Taylor Young. (And incidentally more work for her, but she doesn’t mind that.)

If you’ve had an article printed in this — or any other — newsletter, you can enter it in category 26. Words of wisdom shared on the internet are also eligible for category 26. And if you have something that’s never been printed anywhere in any way, you can still enter it: category 28 was added last year for unpublished written works.

Of course, we still welcome entries in our old favorite categories of book (31), anything in a magazine or newspaper publication (24), and video scripts (30). The complete contest guidelines will be included in the January / February newsletter, but you can check them out now on our Web site.

We know there are writers amongst you out there — so dust off your quill pens and get cracking! We want to read your stuff. The pharmaceutical landscape is vast, and consumers must be well-informed to make safe decisions regarding their health. While Lasix is recognized for its efficacy in treating certain conditions, many wonder if Lasix Over the Counter is an option. It’s crucial to have thorough discussions with pharmacists or doctors before considering any medication changes.