Buck Introduces New Knives for 2013

Three engraved knives Buck has donated for this year’s auction and Member’s Choice award. © Barb Laine
Three engraved knives Buck has donated for this year’s auction and Member’s Choice award.
© Barb Laine

With over 110 years of experience and as a leader in knife industry, Buck Knives has announced its new products for 2013, with a strong focus on its American Commitment to manufacture its products in the U.S. The line-up includes two new series, several survival/tactical knives, and a range of hunting, fishing, camping/hiking, and everyday knives. Each knife encompasses the quality and craftsmanship Buck is known for and is covered by Buck’s Forever Warranty.

Among new products is the Clearwater Series Fillet Knives, named after the flowing Clearwater River in Buck’s home state of Idaho. This knife incorporate a triple-edged blade design for superior handling. A full tang structure and rubberized handle provide a comfortable, secure grip and are slip-resistant, while the backside edging is essential in breaking down fish during non-fillet cuts. Available in 6- and 9-inch lengths, these flexible fillet knives suit both the freshwater and salt water anglers. MSRP: $55-$70.

This year Buck introduces another Buck/Hood creation, based on the designs of the late Ron Hood. The Thug survival knife features an integrated Shock Mitigation System (SMS) to minimize wasted energy during use, and measures 13 inches long. MSRP: $200.

Also joining Buck’s collection of survival knives is the Reaper, with a black traction-coated, full tang blade and textured handle. This sleek 11-inch knife is a powerfully effective survival tool, with a blade measuring 6 3/4 inches, the 420HC drop point features a non-reflective coating for added invisibility in the field. MSRP: $90.

Built to serve the field needs of military personnel, the large and extra-large Intrepid knives are a heavy duty, no-nonsense approach to getting the job done. Designed with superior strength and added invisibility, the black 5-inch tanto blade is non-reflective. The textured injection molded nylon handle is available in Reaper Black camo and black. MSRP: $100-$130.

Campers, hikers, and backpackers will especially appreciate the new Endeavor. With a 9-inch overall length and weighing in at only 6.6 ounces, this knife with a steel, serrated blade is light enough to carry everywhere and strong enough to withstand extreme tasks. MSRP: $70.

Those looking for an everyday carry knife should check out Buck’s new SpitFire, a one hand opening, versatile lockback offered in serrated or non-serrated blades. With an overall length of 4 ¼ inches closed, the Spitfire is the perfect size and is offered in a range of colors. MSRP: $52.

Buck’s Stowaway Kit, containing a slicing and dicing spreader and a durable cutting board, is great for campers, RVers, or home kitchen use. Available in two sizes, the Stowaway kit incorporates a secure storage area for the spreader on the back of the cutting board. MSRP: $75-$80.

For details on all of Buck’s knives and other products, see www.buckknives.com.

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